«The lawlessness of Putin»: Panin gave a tough response to Hollywood’s criticism of the Russian Federation

Russian actor Alexei Panin was removed so-called «otvetka» the Hollywood star Morgan Freeman, who previously in his video criticized the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. About it reports the edition «Observer».

Earlier, the actor has openly demonstrated its attitude towards Russia. He appealed to protect the United States from Russian aggression because it believes that political «chaos Putin» aimed at undermining the integrity of America. In circulation, Freeman said the United States should be an example to the world in the struggle for democracy.

In his new YouTube transfer «of Hipovastin» Panin harshly responded to the appeal of Freeman and those who support it, with a share of subtle irony. First Russian film offered to provide the audience scenario: a little boy was born and raised in America, became the representative gay, was offended by the whole world and got a job at Apple. Now under his guidance, produced world’s most popular phones to destroy Russia together with her family values.

Photo source: wikipedia.org/DoD News Features

Further, Panin said it’s not a movie, and that is his name, Tim cook (Apple CEO). It turns out that everyone who uses Apple products – taskware, added the actor. All these gadgets are created in order to decompose modern Russian youth, he said. After that Panin appealed to the Russian President asking him to tell the truth about what is really happening with mobile phones in Russia, and who is behind it.

Recall, social networks ambiguously reacted to the statement by Morgan Freeman, where he talks about the need to protect the United States from Russia. «What it allows itself?» asked even fans of American movie stars. Alexey Panin and his team managed to prepare a strong response, subtly ridiculing the speech of the Freeman.

Despite the apparent lack of conflict between Russia and the United States, the relationship of these two countries are not very pleasant. Washington continues to exert political pressure on the Russian Federation, including through the introduction of new sanctions. The Russian leadership, by contrast, conducts a policy of peace, but uses all of the methods security from potential threats.

«The lawlessness of Putin»: Panin gave a tough response to Hollywood’s criticism of the Russian Federation 30.09.2017

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