The latest Ukrainian complex coastal defense «Neptune» was an exact copy of the Soviet «Abroad»

In early 2017, the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko said that the country can’t afford making even the Corvette, so the only option left is the «mosquito fleet». Ukrainian officials and experts took up the idea and immediately found in it pros. And some said that this fleet of small missile boats to handle even with the black sea fleet of Russia.

However, the global level of the Ukrainian «mosquito fleet» seriously no one took. Much hope on the boat did not put in command of the Navy and decided to insure the creation of anti-ship missile coastal defense complexes. On the eve of the success of engineers in this field reported the head of the research center of armed forces of Ukraine «State Oceanarium» Colonel Andrew Donchak.

The officer noted that, despite a lot of financial difficulties, there is progress. Since the forces and finances for the creation of a complex from scratch is no, then work on the build system primarily from existing equipment.

So, as the mobile platform can be used KrAZ or MAZ stored in warehouses. As a radar guidance system it is supposed to use Soviet radar «Harpoon». It is noteworthy that the dons was described by the famous Soviet mobile complex coastal defense «Frontier», released in the 70-ies of the last century.

The freshness of the design was to add the new Ukrainian anti-ship missile «Neptune». According to the statements of designers, the basic characteristics, she will not concede the Russian X-35. The rocket is almost ready, it remains small – to develop a homing head. And here scientists have difficulties, said the officer.

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It is worth noting that Neptune is not even a supersonic rocket that could explain the existing problems. Otherwise serious delay in development means that the country is banal there is no corresponding scientific base. If the job seeker is not finished, it is likely that the Ukrainian complex will be much more simple analogues of missiles «Termite». In the end BRK «Neptune» will be an exact copy of the «Frontier,» which is rapidly disappearing.

The latest Ukrainian complex coastal defense «Neptune» was an exact copy of the Soviet «Abroad» 07.12.2017

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