The Kurds have detected a giant mass grave of prisoners DAYS

The Kurds are leading the fight against the terrorists in Syria, has found the largest burial of prisoners DAIS* and activists of the so-called Free Syrian army. The last along with the fighters of DAISH actively executed, many hundreds soldiers of Bashar al-Assad.

Evidence of the tragic events and numerous killings, located 50 kilometers from Raqqa. The body of the Syrian military after the execution the bodies were thrown into a Hot deep hole, stretching under the ground.

Before the conflict began in Syria, the researchers attempted to explore the origin and depth of the hole. However, the studies were interrupted by war. Then the area next to the Jota, was captured by the Free Syrian army and later by the terrorists DAYS. In the Hoth were thrown not only the bodies of the local population, but died almost with the whole of Syria.

Till the holes got the Kurds, who immediately cordoned off the ground around Jota. They filled the grave Syrian prisoners bleach.

* — The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

The Kurds have detected a giant mass grave of prisoners DAYS 09.08.2016

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