The Kremlin started to the message of Putin to the Federal Assembly

Vladimir Putin began to announce the message to the Federal Assembly. The ceremony takes place in St. George hall of the Kremlin. The head of state will outline the main ways of development of our country in the coming years, which would later be formulated in the instructions to the government, as well as the bills.

In the St. George hall of the Kremlin began delivering the message of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, reports «TV Center». The ceremony is attended by not only members of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma, but members of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of constitutional and Supreme courts, regional governors, chairmen of local legislatures, heads of traditional religious faiths, public figures and heads of major media. A total of more than a thousand people.

The President’s speech was eagerly awaited not only by representatives of the Executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, but also ordinary citizens. In his message the head of state addresses the main problems which the country faced in the past year, and also proposes ways of Russia’s development for the future.

The content of the message always to the last kept secret. But cook it starting a few months before the announcement. It is known that all changes the President makes in person. Before the press-Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov confirmed that according to tradition no announcements messages will not however clarified that those will be a few that the President’s speech will be filled with unique «Putin’s pivot», and the message this year will be special.

Experts suggest that the main areas about which I will say Putin will be the economy, social development and foreign policy. Opinions were divided as to whether Vladimir Putin is to delve into the topic of corruption. On the one hand, the recent arrests of high-ranking officials showed that is untouchable in the country, and that the government intends to strictly eradicate corruption. On the other hand, subject, of course, not the most pleasant, given that the bribe even caught the officer in the rank of Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev.

The international theme this year should be a winning theme. Perhaps the President will declare the continuation of the policy of strengthening Russia’s position on the world stage, further steps to resolve the situation in the middle East. It is not excluded that can be touched upon relations with Ukraine and the possible interaction with the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump.

The economic bloc of the speech of Vladimir Putin is expected the sharp, the situation remains difficult. From the President we are waiting for concrete proposals to adjust the economic policy of the country.

Vladimir Putin will say about social policy — for the state is a priority. And this part of the message of the most interesting ordinary citizens: how will the indexed pension how to extend the maternity capital program.

Delivering the message takes on average about an hour. Later, the President signed a list of instructions to the government, his administration and other bodies, depending on which task was announced.

The Kremlin started to the message of Putin to the Federal Assembly 02.12.2016

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