The Kremlin once again teach restraint to take slaps from USA

In America continues to evolve the scandal surrounding former national security Advisor to General Michael Flynn. It is, this scandal has even affected the fact that the ruble has fallen significantly against the dollar, after Flynn admitted about false statements to the FBI.

According to Donald trump, these confessions had destroyed Flynn’s life. The President of America called «unfair» this investigation and noted, not hiding his annoyance that «Hillary Clinton many times lied to the FBI, and nothing happened, but Flynn should have lied once and they ruined his life.» Trump admitted that he feels «bad» in connection with the situation around Flynn.

But what about this story says the American journalist Robert parry, famous for his loud inquiries.


Enthusiasts Relegate* shaking from excitement, just thoughts about the recognition of guilt by the former President of trump national security by Michael Flynn that he lied to the Federal Bureau of investigation about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador to the inauguration. Advocates of civil liberties, this case should alert.

Perhaps the most dubious in this story is that the then national security adviser Flynn could lure into the trap «of false testimony under oath» frames remaining in the Ministry of justice from the Obama administration. They invented a non-trivial legal justification in order to expose Flynn questioned by the FBI after only four days after he was appointed. Flynn tested on how well he remembers took place the conversations in that time, the FBI had reports of recordings of telephone conversations intercepted by the national security Agency.

In other words, the DOJ is looking for information on what Flynn said to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Intelligence agencies have this information already existed. Instead of Flynn tried to squeeze his exact memories of conversations and nail him for false testimony, when in his memoirs he deviates from the text of these summaries.

For those Americans who are concerned about how pervasive and all-powerful authority of the U.S. government, criminalize, in General, constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech and Assembly, the persecution Flynn is a worrying precedent.

And although Flynn you can criticize how his decisions were correct, he, in a sense, was «marked» from the moment he accepted the offer to hold the office of the national security Advisor. Nothing, perhaps, in the summer of 2016 the Democrats were seething with fury, when, participating in the national Convention* Republican party, Flynn shouted: «Put her [Hillary Clinton]!»?

When the presidency trump was only four days remaining from Obama’s then-acting attorney General*** Sally Yates opened the trap for Flynn, speaking with a legal novel. She claimed that Flynn — who by the time of his last phone conversation with Kislyak in December was appointed to the post of adviser to the President — violated the «Logan Act» of 1799. This law prohibits private citizens to interfere in US foreign policy.

But the law — passed during the administration of President John Adams in the era of the «Laws on foreigners and anti-government agitation»**** — was never intended for use against officials of the «incoming» administration in the transitional period of transfer of power by one presidential administration to another. For 218 years, this law has never been applied with success for bringing someone to justice. Thus, it is, from the point of view of its constitutionality and suitability for the court’s decisions have never even been tested.

Rubber logic

But Yates had moved from his strange interpretation of «the Logan Act» to the speculation about that as it is widely known explanation of the conversation with Kislyak was somewhat different from reports of the interception, then Flynn might be vulnerable to blackmail from the Russian side.

This strange logic assumed that the Russians, at first, was to identify the differences, and, secondly, they must have been naive to assume that US intelligence agencies intercepted conversations. But if it was, then the basis for blackmail was not created. And, thirdly, the Russian would have to go to something so ridiculously rude, as an attempt to blackmail Flynn — what would poison relations with the administration of the new President.

Law building Yates was so elastic and speculative that they can be used in order to bring under questioning by the FBI anyone. We just know that memory is imperfect, and it will create a guarantee for criminal prosecution on the basis of reports of interception of communication channels of the national security Agency.

In General, the remnants of Obama’s administration concocted a ridiculous legal version that allowed them to do anything to sabotage the activities of the administration trump which they are treated with undisguised contempt.

At the time of the interrogation Flynn the Ministry of justice was under the control of Yates, and the FBI is still under the control of Obama’s FBI Director James Komi — another officer hostile to the administration trump and trump later fired.

«Perjury trap» created by Yates and the FBI have closed behind Flynn in those first days of the presidency of the trump, when the whole country saw mass anti-Tarnowskie demonstration under the slogan «#Resistance» (resistance — S. D.) to the Board of trump.

During the national Convention of the Republican party, Flynn brought the Democrats to their furious shouts of «Get her!» demanding criminal prosecution of the candidate in presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton because she used a personal server for official purposes, and in connection with other violations. Therefore, the selection of Flynn as a target was a mixture of personal revenge and sabotage against the administration of the trump.

Legal structure

Two-page indictment to the address Flynn, reached the public December 1, 2017, contains a reference to giving the FBI false information about two conversations with Kislyak — 22 and 26 December 2016.

In the first count contains an allegation that Flynn reported that he has asked the Russian Ambassador to help defer or bury the vote in the UN security Council to condemn Israel for building settlements in Palestinian territory.

As reported by the New York Times December 1 (), from witnesses and from the documents, the investigators at Regato learned that «Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the transition team trump to conduct lobbying work with other countries to help Israel.»

«Investigators became aware that Mr. Flynn and son-in-law of Mr. trump, his senior Advisor, Jared Kushner, took over the management of these projects. The team of Mr. Mueller (the special Prosecutor in the case of Rosegate — S. D.) has e-mail messages show that Mr. Flynn stated that he will work to kill the vote,» — writes the Times.

Previously, Obama has moved away from the old American tradition and did not veto resolutions critical of Israel, abstained. As the Russian transitional voted for a resolution condemning Israel, this meant that the lobbying efforts of Flynn and Kouchner were unsuccessful.

However, the inclusion of this element in the Israeli indictment shows how far a criminal investigation of Regata led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Originally the subject of research was the question of how they joined the team trump in collusion with the Russian in order to use the «hacked» e-mails with the goal of defeating Hillary Clinton. However, the criminal indictment of Flynn’s irrelevant to the «secret agreement» during the election period. Rather, it has to do with what was the conflict between the assistants to the newly elected President of the trump in foreign policy during the transition period. And taken the first initiative was a response to the request of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and not of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The second paragraph, which referred to the prosecutors Mueller, was relevant to the conversation Flynn Kislyak 29 Dec. This issue was widely reported in connection with the resignation Flynn on February 13 after a total of 24 days of tenure. In that telephone conversation touched on Russian response to the decision by President Obama to impose new sanctions against the Kremlin in connection with the alleged Russian interference in the elections.

The indictment alleges that Flynn did not tell the FBI that he convinced the dubious «to refrain from escalation of the situation» and that Kislyak later told him that «as a result of his request, Russia has decided on the sanctions to respond in a reasonable form.»

Telephone conversation on December 29 passed when Flynn was on vacation in the Dominican Republic and, therefore, he did not have the usual support staff of assistants who document and record official conversations. So, the FBI, armed with summaries of the intercept from NSA, had a more clear idea of what was said, unlike Flynn, who only relied on his memory. Contents of a request to Flynn Kislyak — the request that the Russians should not react excessively on punitive policy of the outgoing Obama administration also did not seem to be contrary to the accepted norms.

In other words, both of Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak do not seem to contain anything amazing, although insignificant would not call them too. One was held pursuant to the request of Israel (and gave no results), and the second called for the Kremlin to exercise restraint in response to the last slap in the face from President Obama (this is just delayed Russian retribution for a few months).

Double standards

Humiliation Flynn brought palpable joy antitrombinom «resistance.» Deposed, another assistant trump and renewed hope that the investigation of this sometime will lead to the resignation or impeachment of trump. But many of those who rejoiced, howled in a loud voice about the trampling of civil liberties, if the same game with President of the democratic party and his staff would play the Republican bureaucracy.

Actually, the terms «retribution according to the rules of fair play» in all this there is a kind of equivalent to how the Republicans in the 1990s used their control over the office of the special Prosecutor in the first years of the presidency of bill Clinton, when his administration was plagued by endless investigations of such minor issues as the scandal over the firm’s real estate whitewater***** and the dismissal office of the White house, VEGAWAVE travels and business trips******.

In a similar way the Republicans took advantage of the opportunity to conduct an investigation after the September 11, 2012 in the Libyan city of Benghazi were killed 4 employees of the diplomatic mission of the United States. Its task Republicans, then, was to discredit the then Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Democrats, of course, called those attacks interparty squabble is under a legal cover.

Many supporters of Hillary Clinton to me in the last months I had to hear what they do not care about allegations that the investigations of Regata creates a dangerous precedent of dishonest struggle with political persecution. They just think trump is so dangerous that it must be destroyed at all costs.

Nevertheless, besides the collateral damage caused by state to mid-level officials such as Lieutenant General Flynn, who is facing a personal destruction at the hands of Federal prosecutors with unlimited funds — there is growing trend in applying criminal law to political squabbles. Usually this process was more characteristic of authoritarian States.

And let the enthusiasts Relegate talking about how they strengthen and support the «rule of law», there is concern that the right is simply used to collect the scalps of political opponents.

About the author: (eng. Robert Parry), was an American journalist, whistleblower, known for its investigative journalism in the associated Press and Newsweek in the case of Iran-contra, about the American aid to the Nicaraguan contras trafficking of crack cocaine in the USA in 1985, and the crash of flight MH17, when he published the facts, which, in his opinion, clearly shows that after several months of unsuccessful attempts to provoke the rebels of the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics on the destruction of a civil passenger aircraft of the Ukrainian armed forces themselves had shot down a passenger plane.

In 1984 he was awarded the George Polk award (established in 1948 in memory of CBS correspondent George Polk, who was killed while covering the Greek civil war (Civil war in Greece).

Published with the permission of the author.

Translation Of Sergei Duhanov.

* Rashahat (Russia+gate) from Watergate, the name of the hotel in Washington in 1972, raspolahaly the headquarters of the electoral campaign of the democratic party, compromised. The ensuing scandal called «Watergate.»

** The Supreme body of the party, the Congress.

*** In the US, the General Prosecutor’s office and Ministry of justice — the same Department.

**** Alien and Sedition Acts — Laws on aliens and sedition. Four laws passed by Federalists June-July 1798. The naturalization act replaced the 5-year requirement for becoming a U.S. citizen 14 years and empowered the President to expel any alien or suspicious, to order his arrest. Guilty of libel and malicious rumors about the President or Congress were sentenced to two years in prison or payment of fine up to 2 thousand dollars. Emergency laws of 1798 was used by the Federalists as a means of suppressing opposition. Although the Laws on foreigners [Alien Acts] was not used, several newspaper editors, the supporters of Thomas Jefferson had been convicted under the sedition Act [Sedition Act], which led to the adoption of Resolutions of Kentucky and Virginia, and mass protests, at the head of which was Jefferson. In 1801, after his election as President and receiving Jeffersonville Republican majority in Congress, the laws were repealed

***** The scandal of Whitewater, which was engaged in landscaping and construction, was the first of a series of scandals that haunted President bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. For the first time in modern American history, the US President was suspected of complicity in financial fraud.

In 1978, when bill Clinton was still attorney General of Arkansas (later to become Governor of this state), he invested his money in the firm Whitewater. After some time company went bankrupt, and its depositors lost more than $ 45 million Clinton Himself claimed that his loss amounted to almost $ 70 thousand, However, the piquancy of the situation lay in the fact that as a state’s attorney and later Governor, he according to his service, was obliged to oversee the activities of the companies engaged in a similar business. Moreover, Hillary Clinton worked as a lawyer in a law firm, serving the Whitewater company.

The investigation lasted many years, but came to the conclusion that the couple Clintons have not received tangible benefits from this. However, by the time the decision was made, bill Clinton was at the center of another scandal involving White House Intern Monica Lewinsky. For lying under oath, he was subjected to impeachment.

****** Travelgate scandal, which began in 1993, as a result of protests of employees of the White house, fired upon the recommendation of the FBI, allegedly revealed financial irregularities in the activities of this unit. The employees themselves claimed that their dismissal was the result of scheming pals, bill and Hillary Clinton, who hoped thus to catch this line of business.

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The Kremlin once again teach restraint to take slaps from USA 05.12.2017

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