The king of air combat. What will be able to su-57 with the new engines

Russian fifth-generation fighter, the su-57 finally received a new «heart». Wednesday started flight tests of the engine, «article 30» designed exclusively for «invisible.» A day earlier, the chief pilot of the company «Sukhoi» Sergei Bogdan flew the prototype, equipped with these engines. The flight lasted 17 minutes and went smoothly and flawlessly. It is the engines, until recently, was the only missing link in the program for the su-57 that did not allow taking the car to a truly new generation. Now the airplane «puzzle» finally emerged. What opportunities will the su-57 engines «Product 30» — in the material RIA Novosti.

Further, higher, faster

Initially all prototypes of the su-57 was equipped with turbofan engines AL-41F1 with thrust vectoring, an improved version of engines, which fly serial fighters of the 4++ generation su-35S. Modified product has high power, complex automation system, a fully digital control system, the new turbine and improved discharge characteristics. However, this was not enough for a fundamentally new combat aircraft.

«Having a more modern engine enhances the dynamics of the aircraft acceleration characteristics, — said on radio Sputnik CEO of the company «Alliance aviation technologies Avantel» Victor Locks. — The new engines are more economical and have greater resources. Therefore, the performance of the aircraft and its combat capabilities will be increased».

In other words, the motors «Product 30» will make the su-57 more fast, maneuverable and economical. He will be able to stay longer in the air and will have the opportunity to perform combat missions at large distances in comparison with fighters of previous generations. Actually, that serial production of the new engine will finally close the question of whether our videoconferencing fifth generation fighter. Previously, a number of civil and military experts have expressed doubts about the feasibility of production of the su-57, which is different from the production and proven in combat, the su-35S, in fact, only by stealth.

Stronger «Raptor»

Constructive opportunity for the installation of new engines was implemented on the so-called prototypes of the su-57 second stage: T-50-6 (first flight — 27 April 2015), T-50-8 (17 November 2016) and T-50-9 (November 17, 2016) and T-50-11 (first flight — August 6, 2017). The eleventh appearance of the aircraft closest to the serial machine.

As repeatedly stressed in the «United engine Corporation» (UEC), «article 30» is a completely «fresh» unit, not a modernization of the earlier samples. Its main features include a new fan, totally redesigned the compressor and advanced control system. «Product 30» allows the aircraft to reach supersonic speeds without using afterburners, which seriously saves fuel. As was reported at the beginning of the year, the representative of the JDC Anton Checkov, the engine won «a lot of innovations, which in some cases have no analogues in the world, we also believe that with this engine the T-50 will be more breakthrough project, more thrust and perfect.»

According to open sources, the two engines «Product 30» installed on the su-57 would be able to develop a total thrust of up to 36 thousand kilograms per second. The engines of the nearest competitor of the Russian «invisible» — American fighter F-22 Raptor — can you give a little less: about 32 thousand kilograms per second. But what domestic aircraft clearly superior to Western competitors is agility. «Article 30» provides the deflection of the thrust vector at all angles. Roughly speaking, the equipped aircraft can literally dance in the air, abruptly changing direction and speed. This allows the fighter to evade the missiles, «reset» the capture of the enemy radar and efficiently fight any plane in the maneuver melee. The engines F119-PW-100 installed on the American «Raptors», nozzles only deflected vertically.

Readiness for series

We will remind, in July of this year at MAKS commander-in-chief of Russian air force Viktor Bondarev announced the signing of a preliminary conclusions on the state joint tests of the first stage. Bondarev stressed that the recommendation to start manufacturing installation of the party of su-57. Thus, ninth, tenth and eleventh prototypes could be called pre-production cars.

«While I would say that the physiological boundaries for the pilot of the PAK FA does not exist. And for the development and operation of the aircraft — said the commander of the VKS. Designers work hard to ensure that the car has done the most for the pilot.»

In many respects this level of automation has been achieved through the most modern electronic filling of the plane from different manufacturers. In particular, the Russian Foundation for advanced research was first presented at the MAKS-2017 «nervous system» of this machine — interface, which controls the state of the structure. To demonstrate its capabilities, the Fund has performed the layout of the PAK FA, made of composite materials. The layout is made so that during its deformation (for example, when you try to bend the wing) all external influences is displayed, allowing you to appreciate the nature of the defects.

The final stage is the programme for the development of advanced weapons for the new aircraft. It includes the entire range of air weapons: missiles «air — air» short-and long-range, guided bombs, anti-tank guided missiles.

«These developments concern has been «Tactical missiles», — told RIA Novosti chief editor of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor murakhovski. — After completing testing of the new system will not only PAK-FA, but also on the aircraft of previous generations, thereby greatly enhancing their combat capabilities. I really hope that in the framework of the state armaments program for 2018-2025 years of Russian air force will receive an impressive batch of fifth generation fighter».

The first production su-57 will begin to enter the army next year. According to open sources, the end of the state armaments program until 2025 in the structure of Asa is about 60 fifth generation fighter. The first twelve will supply up to the end of 2021.

RIA Novosti

The king of air combat. What will be able to su-57 with the new engines 07.12.2017

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