The journalists talked with relatives of those killed by the US military in Afghanistan

The Pentagon has denied the appeared information that the United States increase its military contingent in Afghanistan. The dissatisfaction of the Afghan population by the presence of the Americans is growing. After another patrol struck a mine, the soldiers shot civilians who were there. And this is not the first such incident. With the families of the victims met the journalists of the TV channel RT.

The pictures in my phone – rare pictures of a large family. Two boys and their father is no more. It happened a few days ago in a remote Afghan province on the border with Pakistan, said «TV Center». American military patrol was blown up by a roadside bomb. In all likelihood, the soldiers panicked.

«When I heard the explosion, I was with uncle and his children. American soldiers started to shoot, the bullet flew directly at my face. I ran and hid, I only went a couple hours later. Uncle and his children were dead. I went to the village to tell everyone about what happened,» — said the nephew of the deceased men.

This version was confirmed in the police report. Just a few lines. Dry words about how people with guns took the life of civilians. The report concludes that the sight of the Ghul and his sons were in his Studio a few hundred meters from the blast site. Their terrorists blowing up a military vehicle and opened fire.

«It was awful to see what the Americans did to them. I couldn’t even identify their bodies. They killed a monstrous manner,» said a friend of the victims.

Zir Gul worked as a Potter. In his workshop was producing bricks. Revenue was barely enough to feed 12 children. The family lost their breadwinner. Women in the Muslim world generally do not work.

«I want the government to avenge my father and executed his murderers. After my parents died, there was no joy. Mother every day crying,» — said the son of Zir Gol.

U.S. commanders stress that serious about each case of the deaths of civilians. Each time a thorough investigation. The result is always the same. On the sheet with the print main control groupings of the U.S. Armed forces in Afghanistan condolences to the families of the victims.

«We want the American military responded before the court. Why they can kill our people, and with such cruelty?», — said one of the locals.

«We don’t need compensation, we just want the us military appeared before the court and punished,» said another.

«I don’t want to see them around because they kill civilians. We are tired of American soldiers from those attacks and murders that they commit,» said the son of the deceased.

RT correspondent asks who after all these years will support the children killed Gonchar: those who verbally fight with radicals, but actually destroys civilians or those who under the banner of the Taliban opposed the us invasion. The result is in any case disappointing. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported the Pentagon’s intention to increase its contingent in Afghanistan by almost four thousand people.

«TV Center»

The journalists talked with relatives of those killed by the US military in Afghanistan 17.06.2017

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