The Japanese have found a new way to «reconquer» the Kuril Islands: Russian want our return

Kuril issue in recent years has become one of the most discussed topics in the Network. In particular, this is due to the frequent meetings between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese leader Shinzo Abe. As revealed previously, Tokyo has offered to organize a visa-free flights residents of Japan on the southern Kuril Islands. This initiative was linked to the desire of the Japanese side to organize the former residents visit the graves of their ancestors. The delegation of former residents Cisinski and Holomisa Islands earlier arrived in Moscow in order to remind once again, «who has the right to settle the southern Kuriles». They said that in the land their ancestors lived, and the Soviet soldiers «drove» them from their native lands. Replaced, but said that «waiting for the Japanese back.» Probably, a pity mixed with perseverance still, given its effect, as the offer of flights is under consideration between the two parties. If everything «goes to plan», then in the middle of June «free» aircraft, the Japanese will go to the Russian land.

However, whether such a decision? Japan for many years attempts to take the Kuril Islands rightfully belonging to the Russian side. The request for a similar flight looks like yet another blatant move on the part of the land of the rising sun. It should be noted that for the Russian tourists to get to Tokyo or any other Japanese city remains extremely challenging, because visas are still too many problems. It is possible that after one flight will follow a number of similar flights. And in this case might not be over. Not behind mountains that day, when the Japanese will completely move to the Kuril Islands under the guise of grieving «locals».

The Japanese have found a new way to «reconquer» the Kuril Islands: Russian want our return 19.05.2017

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