The ISS has proposed to install a washing machine

The specialists of rocket-space Corporation «Energy» has offered to install on the International space station, a washing machine. According to engineers, this will greatly reduce the amount delivered to the ISS cargo. Currently, astronauts wear suits 3-4 days and then discarded. In this regard, every year the station has to deliver up to 600 pounds of clothing.

On the International space station have offered to install a washing machine. With this idea, according to TASS, was made by the engineers of rocket & space Corporation «Energy».

According to experts, installation of such equipment will significantly reduce the amount delivered to the station cargoes. Currently, the ISS is delivered annually to 600 pounds of clothes, as their suits astronauts wear 3-4 days and then discarded. Experts have calculated that in the case of sending a mission to Mars, six astronauts for two years used about three tons of clothes.

«The presence of the complex life support systems equipment for sanitary processing (washing) can significantly reduce the inventory of personal care products and clothing through their clean on Board and subsequent repeated use of», — stressed in the RSC «Energia».

The procedure of washing in space will differ from the earthly way. To use for cleaning the water would be too wasteful, so the engineers came up with a special unit treating clothes with carbon dioxide released during respiration. At a pressure of 74 atmospheres and a temperature of 31 degrees gas go into a liquid state and can be used for washing. The authors have created a drawing of the future apparatus.

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The ISS has proposed to install a washing machine 20.05.2017

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