The Israeli air force fired on a Syrian military under Macafem

Israeli aircraft launched strikes on Syrian military positions near the city of Masyaf, reports Reuters, citing a statement by the Syrian army.

According to the Agency, the strike led to the deaths of two people. The Israeli army refused to comment on these reports.

Israeli media quoted Arab colleagues, who argue that the purpose of the bombing was a research center associated with the development and production of chemical weapons.

Israel declares non-interference in the events in Syria, but acknowledges that it regularly conducts military operations in the neighboring country. In Jerusalem explain their necessity to prevent the ingress of weapons of mass destruction and sophisticated weapons into the hands of hostile elements, including, first and foremost Hezbollah. Patronized by Iran, the Lebanese Shia movement in the past times fought against Israel, and is now fighting in Syria on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

So, in June, the Israeli military repeatedly attacked the positions of Syrian troops in the province of Quneitra. In Damascus said that the reason was random flights of shells across the dividing line during the fighting between government forces and opposition groups.

RIA Novosti

The Israeli air force fired on a Syrian military under Macafem 07.09.2017

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