The IPC will punish swept in Rio Russian flag Belarusian

Brazil opened the XV Summer Paralympic games. The ceremony was held in the arena «Maracana» in Rio de Janeiro. This was reported by «TV Center».

The parade of teams-participants of the Belarusian delegation, despite the ban, carried the Russian flag in solidarity with the Paralympic athletes of our country, which by decision of the IGC removed from the Game.

However, our athletes will be able to speak — the all-Russian competitions of Paralympic athletes. Yesterday in Moscow has passed solemn ceremony of opening. Hall welcomed the athletes standing. Before the audience were wrestlers, players, members of the swim team, volleyball, table tennis, shooting and other types of Paralympic programs.

Open all-Russia competitions in the disciplines included in the summer Paralympic games, will run until September 10. They will be held in Moscow on the territory of the training center «Novogorsk» and «Round Lake». In competitions will take part 263 of the athlete. The winners will receive the same rewards that they could receive at the end of the Paralympic games in Rio.

The IPC will punish swept in Rio Russian flag Belarusian 09.09.2016

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