The IOC Executive Board will decide the issue of Russia’s participation in the Olympics in 2018

On Tuesday, the international Olympic Committee must announce its decision regarding the participation of our athletes in the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang. At a closed meeting will hear reports from experts, the report of the world anti-doping Agency. Will representatives of the Russian delegation.

Journalists literally not allowed past the threshold of the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. The Executive Committee meeting the IOC is closed. President Thomas Bach and 14 functionaries must put an end to eighteen months of the investigation and report have been made team Russia for the winter Olympic games in 2018.

But the Western press has, like, know everything. On the eve of the publication of the Inside of the Games have appeared: the IOC will not allow for games in the South Korean competitions the team of Russia. But they will allow our athletes to participate in the Olympics under a neutral flag, reports «TV Center».

However, subject to several conditions: the athlete will need to convince the functionaries that he never used doping. And, most importantly, his name should not be in the electronic database in the data of the Russian anti-doping laboratories, WADA received in November.

It is the testimony, fled to the United States the former head of the anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov became the cause of the proceedings. And in fact, still remain the only «proof» which the experts of the International Olympic Committee. But the investigation, trying to cross-check statements made Rodchenkova and on their basis the report of Professor McLaren of WADA, the IOC held a year.

Professor Denis Oswald himself was trying to open the vials with dope samples and studied under a microscope, those samples which, according to Rodchenkova, was replaced during the Olympic games in Sochi. The insights he its Tuesday must read at the meeting. But at the end of the hearings of the athletes from the «list Rodchenkova» — and the IOC has already disqualified 22 Russian Olympian — obviously, real evidence of the IOC not found. And the insights of Oswald sometimes contradict themselves: for example, scratches to tubes, tests a skier and champion of Sochi Alexander passenger cars Olympic Committee considered a sufficient basis for his lifelong disqualification and deprivation of the gold medal. But at the same time, the Oswald assures that the tube may be opened and no scratches.

However, again, evidence of this expert IOC have not yet submitted. Like the Commission, his colleagues and former President of the Swiss Confederation Samuel Schmidt — she was checking the information from the report about McLaren supposedly created in Russia state system of concealment of doping Russian athletes.

Their findings, Schmidt and Oswald will announce on Tuesday in the afternoon. At the meeting of the Executive Committee invited the Russian delegation, composed of the head of the Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, honorary IOC member, the head of the Independent anti-doping public Committee Vitaly Smirnov and two-time world champion in figure skating Evgeny Medvedev. For which participation in the Olympics and dream of a lifetime.

The IOC decision could be fatal for her and for dozens of athletes from our team. And in General for the whole Olympic movement in the history of which these precedents simply did not exist.

Catherine Vyskrebentseva, «TV Center», Lausanne, Switzerland.

The IOC Executive Board will decide the issue of Russia’s participation in the Olympics in 2018 05.12.2017

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