The inhabitants of little village are afraid of the emergence of illegal dump sites

Who is fishing and who is a dump! Near the little village Nikiforovsky dig a quarry. These actions commercial firm which carries out work, and local people give very different explanations. Version first — there will be ponds where you can enjoy fishing. Others argue that pit after the removal of sand will turn into a dump.

On the square in front of the culture house is not overcrowded. There are two meetings at once. Residents of Odintsovo district need to close a quarry in the village Nikiforovsky, fearing that soon there will be a dump, reports «TV Center».

In contrast, in white shirts, are employees of TEK-tools, which is engaged in the development of the open pit. Traders claim that to make room for the ponds and fishing.

Locals believe that the ponds are just a cover to create a polygon. The dispute of the parties almost goes into a brawl. It had to intervene the police

Sand mining on an industrial scale in the village Nikiforovsky Odintsovo district is for six months. Loaded material Trucks run past the houses of locals every two minutes. The work does not stop even at night. People complain about the noise and broken road. But their main concern is that under their Windows, instead of the natural beauty, soon will rise the mountain of debris.

«They disguised rinonapoli ponds begin to develop a quarry, and then instead rinonapoli ponds appears dump. Dump you know what it is — it’s dirty, it smells terrible and that’s what attracts the birds. And birds are dangerous for the airfield,» said a resident of the village Nikiforovsky Natalia Kononova.

Quarry area of 140 hectares has crept close to the military airfield Kubinka and home gardeners. This whole area is in the category of agricultural land. This means that the extraction of minerals, and especially to arrange a landfill is prohibited.

«We fear for our wells fear for nature. You see all these houses — this is the Bank of the Moscow river, here it is — the river. And here’s the quarry,» said a resident of the village Nikiforovsky Irina Lavrenteva.

Company TEK-tools, which has leased the area, local residents know for a long time. The same pattern traders have developed a career around other villages of the Moscow region — Nikol’skoye and Organisations. Instead of the promised ponds — the dream of the fisherman — grew up in the landfill. Two years ago the company has already initiated a criminal case. However, a new license they were given.

«Is fisheries — now created a pond in the area of Nikiforovskoye. Not only garbage will not, in General, it is not even a question is the insinuation,» — said Deputy General Director of tehka-SERVIS Vitaly Lukyanov.

Locals businessmen do not believe. Even look at the future reservoir this area is not similar.

«We have repeatedly indicated to the Minister of environment (Alexander, approx. edition) Kogan, the company has repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility, all previous rubongoya ponds were closed by court order. Despite this, the Ministry of environment still gives out these licenses,» — said the ecologist Dmitry Danilov.

Activists argue that the administration is revising the master plan development of the district. The territory of the sand pit is going to translate into the category of industrial lands. This means that the organization landfill may be quite legitimate.

Julia Stepina, Arseniy Kalashnikov, «TV Tsentr», Moscow.

The inhabitants of little village are afraid of the emergence of illegal dump sites 20.06.2017

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