The house was better: Ukrainian migrant workers fleeing from Europe

No matter how hard residents of «independence» to convince the world that Europe is waiting for them with open arms, in fact it turns out quite the opposite. The prospects for visa-free regime happy only Ukrainians, whereas EU citizens with hostility and fear took the news about the invasion of «new Europeans».

So, in Poland, has openly made it clear that migrant workers from Ukraine do not matter. For the workers deliberately created terrible working conditions, with the aim to expel maydanschikov back home. The daily routine at the construction site (the place where most arrive in search of a better, modern life Ukrainian) looks like this:

The chart represents the six days. The workday starts at 7:00 and ends at 18:00. Over 11 hours of labor of the Ukrainian «guests» is allocated only 20 minutes for lunch. For hours the workers get only 10 PLN, which in total gives 660 PLN per week (about $ 180).

Not live better Ukrainian workers on the Polish plant, which produces automotive filters. They live behind barbed wire in production, also working six days a week. The production itself is harmful because the company is impregnated with the fumes of glue and other harmful substances. Among the workers are many women, who alone carry heavy raw materials. This factory employs exclusively Ukrainians, as the poles themselves disdain to get dirty in such places. Many workers say that they are treated like cattle, which «are taught how to use the toilet». As a rule, the salary they pay is minimal and sometimes even «throwing money». A good part of Ukrainians has already managed to part with the «European dream» and moved back to his native country.

On the Polish meat, the situation is not in the least beautiful. Migrant workers from Kiev offer a «luxury apartment» in a small hostel, where each room is home to at least six people. For 13 hours every day the Ukrainians engaged in the butchering of the carcasses of pigs and cleaning them from the inside. The payment allows them to get to work by public transport and sometimes even to eat.

Probably not such an attitude was waiting for the inhabitants of «independence.» Smiling hospitality, high wages and a carefree modern life remains only in dreams. To feed and water the Ukrainians, as practice has shown, nobody in Europe is not eager. All they can do heavy slave labour at minimum wage.

The house was better: Ukrainian migrant workers fleeing from Europe 21.04.2017

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