«The hammer» Yarosh: Ukrainian mortar-killer gathered the drawings from the Internet

On Friday, 4 November, a famous Ukrainian nationalist Dmitry Yarosh and his associates visited a large plant «Mayak», which supplies the APU is the latest development of the local defense industry. The activist appreciated the new 120-mm mortar «Hammer» machine gun KM-7.62 and other types of firearms. He said that permanent contacts with the soldiers of the nationalist battalions in the Donbass, and those highly-praised production of «Lighthouse». So, it is noted that in comparison with Russian counterparts the Ukrainian weapons have significantly higher precision and accuracy. And all anything, but just two days before laudatory odes Yarosh in the Donbas «not having analogues» mortar exploded, ditching two fighters of a battalion «Aydar».

The military reported that the deaths of soldiers was the result of a mine explosion directly into the barrel. It is not clear how such a thing could happen on the frontline, where, according to the Minsk agreements, such weapons shouldn’t be at all. But the question is still in the other, because the «Hammer» exploded for the first time. So, this summer, on the testing of the exploding mortar shells claimed the lives of two soldiers of the APU, and ten people received injuries of varying severity. But then it was blamed on the accident and the command started buying «lethal» weapons.

Photo: 2day.kh.ua

Almost immediately, the soldiers noted that the «Hammer» much safer to back fence, rather than use it for its intended purpose. Often after the first volleys «Hammer» literally falling apart – failed systems aiming and guidance. Do not forget that this is a «precision» weapon is worth 20 thousand dollars apiece.

Surprisingly, sweat side of the front militia uses mostly Soviet mortars, for years anyhow stored in warehouses of the Ukrainian army. Many of them 30 or more years, but the problems with them is much less. So what is related to the failure of the Ukrainian «Hammer»? This question was answered by the head of the plant «Mayak» in an interview to one of Ukrainian channels. It turned out that previously the company was engaged in manufacture of tape recorders and other household appliances, and conversion into «military rails» was just recently. This one is not specifically engaged in training of experts, this all happened on the personal initiative. So, it turned out that the Hammer was created on snowk information taken from the Internet. Of course, the Network now you can find anything, but the developers should not only know how to use Google search, but also to understand found to be extremely difficult without the necessary knowledge.

A similar situation exists with the machine gun KM, an upgraded version of the standard Soviet machine gun PKM. In fact, all the innovation consisted in the fact that the details of the gun were registered under Ukrainian trademarks, in fact, the system remained unchanged. In a press there was information about only two notable «upgrades». Thus, the press-Secretary of the MOU said about a «tank trunk», but this innovation remained a mystery even to the experts. Also, KM has established a new cover of the receiver. This «flavor» soldiers of the APU especially appreciated, and even made a few video reviews «the rapture».

What is so admired Yarosh, if the «quality» of the new Ukrainian weapons already known? The answer to this question, as on many other Ukrainian issues, hiding in the finances. 2014 followers Yarosh, Tyahnybok and other prominent nationalists of Ukraine obediently handed over donations «the needs of the army.» It is these millions were developing «weapons of victory» various self-taught, who promised to catch up and overtake Russia. That is a different kind of «yaroshi» forced Ukrainian defense industry to get from stocks is not the best prototypes and without any checks to «drive» them into the army. And now it is up to them, «ATO heroes» and «warriors of Maidan» is responsible for the weapon with which we can only shame. In this situation, Yarosh is simply no other way but to continue to play dumb and tell them about the imminent victory over all and Sundry with the help of mortars bombers.

«The hammer» Yarosh: Ukrainian mortar-killer gathered the drawings from the Internet 08.11.2016

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