The government has classified the activities of the companies of the «list of 126»

The government can translate to a closed marketplace for procurement of 126 companies over possible expansion of US sanctions, reports «Kommersant», the disposal of which was a preliminary version of this document.

Among the companies whose activities may withdraw from open areas, ten private banks and state-owned defense companies as well as suppliers of equipment for large construction projects, in particular the Kerch bridge. A considerable part of them is state property.

«A list of 126″ reflects the ideas of the government on who can be extended the sanctions in 2018,» the newspaper writes. While most of the companies already included in the sanctions list. Apparently, close information about the operations they require to keep secret «deals with these companies needsaction structures in the Russian Federation» and to avoid «penalties in the jurisdiction of the States and the possible arrests of assets.»

Rules on public procurement for companies that need to be translated in the closed mode, was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov on November 24 and sent to state-owned companies, which until December 1, it was recommended to amend the purchasing policy and approve the ability for non-disclosure of information about individual transactions. Now the counterparties are large state-owned enterprises will participate in the tenders under the offer. In addition, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev its decree freed state-owned companies until July 1, 2018 from the obligation to disclose the names of their suppliers and contractors, but only «to place in the public register undefined data contracts».

The government has classified the activities of the companies of the «list of 126» 08.12.2017

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