The German foreign Minister: EU can unite with Russia and China against USA

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, has called for President Donald Trump on behalf of his country, as well as France, the UK and the EU, to preserve a nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to Gabriel, «our great concern is that the security situation will worsen, not improve, due to the fact that America will stop the development of this agreement.» Gabriel said that it can bring us back to the days when Iran was developing nuclear weapons.

Moreover the head of the German foreign Ministry has threatened Washington Association of the EU with Russia and China.

«We also need to tell Americans that their behavior in the Iranian issue will lead us, Europeans, to find common ground with Russia and China against the United States,» — said the Minister.

«Therefore, the UK, France, Germany and the European Union are clearly in favour of the agreement,» said Gabriel.

Donald trump will speak on Friday with a «large scale strategy» against the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is expected that the American leader will declare the inconsistency of this transaction to the national interests of the United States. After that, both houses of the U.S. Congress will have to decide whether there will be U.S. parties to the agreement, concluded in Vienna in the summer of 2015 Iran and the international «six» (five permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany).

The German foreign Minister: EU can unite with Russia and China against USA 13.10.2017

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