The General staff announced the defeat of the terrorists in Syria

Russia’s armed forces have completed the task to defeat the «Islamic state» in Syria*, the chief of the main operational Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy.

Russia has started an operation against terrorists in the Republic in September 2015 at the request of the official Damascus.

The liberation of the cities

According to Colonel-General in the last month from fighters liberated the city of Abu-Kemal and a number of settlements on the West Bank of the Euphrates river.

The representative of the General staff added that over the past week, government troops backed by Russian aircraft has completely taken control of the area North-West of Abu Kemal, from the Euphrates river to the village of Mesila. The total area is 2.5 thousand square kilometers.

The remaining strongholds of the ISIS in the country defending the most trained terrorists with heavy weapons and foreign mercenaries, as stated. For the last five days of the assault had eliminated more than 550 terrorists, including 130 bombers, six tanks, 14 Jihad-mobiles and 91 pickup with heavy machine guns.

Today, there is not one village under the control of Islamic state*. The Syrian army is now engaged in the demining of the liberated territories. As noted rudskoy, the Russian sappers have cleared explosive devices from residential neighborhoods of the city of Deir ez-Zor.

Colonel-General did not exclude that in the future in Syria may appear separate diversionary groups of the IG*. In this case, they will destroy the government forces that are «specially prepared mobile reserves».

The use of videoconferencing

Rudskoy said that the use of Russian aircraft during the final phase of the defeat of the terrorists was «unprecedented in scale». Every day for the support of Syrian troops, the aircraft made at least a hundred sorties and inflicted up to 250 strokes.

The representative of the General staff stressed that the forces HQs destroyed rebel positions, ammunition depots and weapons, armored vehicles, pickups with heavy weapons.

Massively used long-range aviation: Tu-22M3 in the last month have dealt the group 14 strikes on terrorists.

Russian troops now will be to monitor the ceasefire in the country and to help «the Syrian people to rebuild a peaceful life.» Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties two weeks delivered in 12 settlements to more than 34 tons of humanitarian aid and helped to pass more than ten humanitarian convoys of the UN and the International Committee of the red cross.

Operation on the Eastern shore

People’s militia of the Eastern tribes of the Euphrates and the Kurdish groups December 3 defeated IG* on the East Bank of the river and regained control of the Syrian-Iraqi border.

This operation was planned the headquarters of the Russian forces in Syria. It was led joint operations headquarters deployed in the city of Salhieh.

Rudskoy pointed out that during the liberation of this area, the aircraft of VC acted as airfield Hamim and Deir-ez-Zor.

In Salhiyah started to work the management Committee of the Eastern territories of the province of Deir ez-Zor. It was formed with the participation of the officers of the Center for reconciliation. The Committee includes representatives of all ethnic and religious groups living on the Eastern shore, Bedouin, Arabs and Kurds, as well as the most influential sheikhs.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

RIA Novosti

The General staff announced the defeat of the terrorists in Syria 08.12.2017

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