«The gardener» and «Shells»: the threat of the latest car Russian paratroopers

Ulyanovsk paratroopers at the end of September for the first time will test in the woods and swamps of their new «workhorses» — the BTR-MDM «Rakushka» and combat vehicle BMD-4M «Gardener». Both machines are in many ways unique and have no analogues in the world. They are distinguished by their ease, speed, buoyancy and lethal Arsenal of different weapons to effectively fight even with tanks. About what Affairs can do in the rear of the enemy troops on «Sadovnichuk» and «Shells», and that is capable of ultra-modern combat unit «Bakhcha-U» — in the material RIA Novosti.

Light weight and heavy nature

Specifics of «winged infantry» implies upsetting and exhausting battle deep in the enemy rear, where there is neither their tanks nor artillery support, and air support is not available always. According to the principle of «thrown — fight». In such circumstances, any armor, even light, is for Marines only defense, transport and means of attack. So the designers try to fit her with as many weapons and accessories, while leaving light enough to be dropped by aircraft.

Airborne combat vehicle BMD-4M «Gardener» is just that rare case when developers have managed to combine the incompatible in a compact package, rolled aluminum armor. Heavy-duty aluminum alloy is lightweight and when hit with a projectile cuts the crew compartment with shrapnel. BMD-4M can be dropped by parachute right from sitting inside the crew of three, the machine runs briskly on the road and can swim. On the highway 500-horsepower engine propels the 13-ton BMD to 70 kilometers per hour. To get lost the crew will not give the latest integrated navigation system.

The most powerful weapons and massive ammunition make «the Gardener» a real nightmare for the enemy. Combat module «Bakhcha-U» completely unified with the BMP-3 and uses the same guns, ammunition and sighting and computing systems. When compared with the previous BMD-3, firepower increased by more than 2.5 times. Automated fire control system allows aiming to shoot even at high speeds and when driving on the road.

Large-caliber 100-mm gun 2A70 sends high-explosive shells at a distance of seven kilometers and can destroy buildings and fortifications. With four anti-tank guided missiles «Arkan», the crew is able to deal with almost all known tanks including covered with active armor.

Special attention is given 30-mm 2A72 automatic gun with a high rate, which can be effectively work on lightly armored vehicles at ranges up to two kilometers, to clean up infantry at a distance of four kilometers, and even shoot down flying a mile a helicopter. In addition, to deal with manpower provided by 7.62 mm machine gun PKMT with ammunition for two thousand rounds of ammunition and a machine gun course RPKS-74 5.45 mm.

For example, if Marines take a defensive perimeter and bury the «Gardener» in the ground, they have fortified firing point, to suppress which the enemy will not be easy. Masking a fighting machine equipped with smoke grenades «Cloud», for observation and aiming devices include night vision, thermal imager and laser rangefinder. The probability of blunders are virtually eliminated, even if the crew are newcomers.

Taxi to landing

Modernized multipurpose amphibious BTR-MDM «Rakushka-M» is designed to increase the mobility of forces of troops and their rapid transfer to the right area. Like BMD, the carrier is welded from sheet aluminum armor, can swim and ride on rough terrain. On the highway the car accelerates to 70 miles per hour and is able without refueling to carry 13 paratroopers at a distance of 500 kilometers. In addition, the «Shell» great for delivery of ammunition, of spare parts for military equipment and fuels and lubricants.

For the convenience of soldiers inside a double chair and even has brackets for hanging stretchers with the wounded. The driver sits front center of the car and watching the road through a periscope device or night vision system. One of the troopers sets over the course PKTM machine gun, shooting the front section. The commander has its own turret with a machine gun, which he can control remotely.

Naturally aspirated multi-fuel diesel UTD-29 «eats» almost everything «that burns» and is especially valuable in the enemy’s rear, where filling with quality fuel and the smiling girl at the checkout are rare.

Due to the air suspension «Shell» can on the road to «squat,» and on rough terrain — up to how to know how expensive off-road cars. The minimum clearance is 7-10 inches and a maximum of up to half a meter.

Interestingly, based on the BTR-MDM can be created a whole family of weapons and military equipment for the airborne forces — command and staff vehicles, machinery, communication and control, medical, logistics and others. The first of these conveyors he entered the army in March 2015, quickly gained popularity, and now the Ministry of defence continues actively to transplant them paratroopers.

RIA Novosti

«The gardener» and «Shells»: the threat of the latest car Russian paratroopers 14.09.2017

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