The Fund «give life» and «TV Center» to collect funds for the treatment of Yegor Mikhaylyuk

Charitable Foundation «give life» and TV channel «TV Center» to collect funds for the treatment of 15-year-old Yegor Mikhaylyuk. The teenager from the Stavropol territory with aplastic anemia. The only chance for survival is bone marrow transplantation. Already found a donor. The surgery itself costly, the parents of Yegor kind of money, but everyone can help.

Parents Egor and the type does not show how heavy it was. Still the eldest child in the family. Serious disease gives only a pale color of the face and bruises all over her body, and constant fatigue. No strength even to talk with his family. Now it is more like the games where you can shut up. 15-year-old behaves like a real man: no one complains and asks for nothing.

That only health is not enough. Because in this life he has so many responsibilities: mother’s helper, hope, father, older brother, and a rescuer of homeless animals. Alone cats in his house three.

«Name’s kitten, Bob, and Snow. They all stray, or threw them out, or just came from,» says Egor.

To take less attachment Egor special. Sure for 2 years that was not home, they miss no less loved. Dreams that will someday become a veterinarian. But I have treated myself.

«He was very agile. Played football, Cycling and began to notice that somehow the wounds bleed and not stop bleeding. Asked not to pick. But in the end the bruises are so dark, well thought, boy, active time fights, trying to figure out,» says mother Irina Mikhaylyuk.

As it turned out, for children’s games these terrible symptoms nothing had. Tested the critical parameters. Egor almost immediately was diagnosed with aplastic anemia heavy forms. His bone marrow is just not producing a sufficient number of all types of blood cells. They are almost there in the body. The only salvation is almost daily transfusions. Thus the germs of hematopoiesis alive, so long they hoped to achieve from the body’s response with drugs.

«He, unfortunately, did not respond to the therapy — immunosuppressive, which it is held. Now the only treatment is bone marrow transplantation,» explains hematologist day hospital Centre for children’s Hematology them. Dima Rogachev Nikolay Yershov.

Donor for Egor already found. From hope for recovery one step away, which will require a lot of money. To conduct such an operation required 1 million 730 thousand roubles. From an ordinary family from the Stavropol region just doesn’t have the money. But to help Yegor.

For this you need very little: to send any amount of figures in the text SMS to 6162.

Bone marrow transplantation is scheduled for the second week of November and if you manage to collect the money, it its 16th anniversary this year Egor will meet at home.

Elena Sakhno, Alexander Terentyev, «TV Center».

The Fund «give life» and «TV Center» to collect funds for the treatment of Yegor Mikhaylyuk 30.10.2017

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