The FSB seized a clandestine gunsmiths guns

Three guns and a large Arsenal of weapons seized by the FSB, the group of underground gunsmiths who operate in Central Russia. We are talking about Kaluga, Bryansk and Moscow regions.

FSB stopped the activities of interregional criminal group, which organized the modernization of firearms of mass-dimensional layouts, as well as civilian samples in sweatshops and its distribution in different regions of the country. This is stated in the message of the FSB, which is available on

In particular, the clandestine arms seized three aircraft guns caliber 23 millimeter, 56 firearms Russian and foreign production. In addition, gunsmiths were found 15 kilograms of explosives, 10 grenades, two mines, 10 detonators and electric detonators, two devices for noiseless and flameless shooting, more than 3,5 thousand bullets of different caliber, 68 units of bladed weapons.

A group of persons prosecuted in the Bryansk, Kaluga and Moscow regions. Investigators filed against key members of criminal group criminal case under article «Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or bearing of firearms, its basic parts, ammunition.»

Are now carried out additional investigative measures on this case. In particular, wanted persons who have acquired the criminals have weapons. Establish the other facts of possible involvement in committing grave and especially grave crimes on the territory of Russia.

The FSB seized a clandestine gunsmiths guns 27.03.2017

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