The Frenchman Adnan surprised Russia: Russian looked at me like I’m an idiot

Moved to St. Petersburg the Frenchman Adnen Ben Mohamed told how found the profession of his life in Russia, about the love of Russian to foreigners and their plans for the future. About it writes the edition

According to 31-year-old Mohamed, before moving to Russia, he never worked, and one day stumbled upon the St. Petersburg branch of the business school, where he taught culinary arts. There, the Frenchman realized that his confession is to be a chef. Admitted as a foreigner, in the kitchen he found the purpose of life. Mohamed often recalls the words of her teacher about the fact that Russia is the land of opportunity.

Photo source: pink news — Diana Kolobaeva

The alien said that the most delicious food in Russia – pelmeni, they have it according to Russian tradition bites the vodka. He also said that contrary to the myths about the sullen, disaffected, Russians, it is not – in the Northern capital of Russia the people are always smiling.

Speaking of the chef, the Frenchman said that for him the process of cooking as the intense relaxation. First Russian colleagues looked at him like an idiot, when Mohamed during cooking danced to French rap. In the words of foreigner, you need to be less tense at work and get work fun.

Russian – very polite people, said Mohamed, and added that never been heard in Russia insulting words in his address. In Russia foreigners are loyal and welcome, said the Frenchman.

Photo source: pink news — Olga Klychkov

To the question about future plans, cook said that he wanted to visit Vladivostok and other Russian cities. Russia was for the French a new house and he is not going to leave. «My life’s here,» said Mohamed. In his opinion, Russia is one of the largest powers in the world, and its leadership competently defends the interests of the country.

Also, the foreigner said he plans to go on internship in Barcelona, and then to come back to Russia and open her own restaurant. He said that he wanted to work with Russian chefs, as they are very fast, and in Europe such masters are few.

The Frenchman Adnan surprised Russia: Russian looked at me like I’m an idiot 29.10.2017

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