The French government resigned

The French government of Edouard a technical Prime Minister Philip resigned. This is due to the completion of the parliamentary elections. The new government will approve the new composition of the National Assembly.

The majority in Parliament is now the party of «go Republic!» President Emmanuel Macron, said «TV Center». Together with its allies of the «Democratic movement» they’ve got 350 seats out of 577. This will allow not only to form a Pro-presidential government, but confidently carried out through the National Assembly the President needs laws. Republicans gained 113 mandates, «National front» – only 8 seats. In recently ruling «Socialist party» admitted defeat: only 29 mandates. The victory of Pro-presidential movement elections parties do not dispute, but almost all say that the new Parliament has questionable legitimacy because turnout was only 35 percent. This is the lowest figure in the history of the Fifth Republic.

The French government resigned 20.06.2017

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