The former head of staff of the trump Manafort placed under house arrest

In the USA, another political scandal. The former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump in the Semi Manufactu accused of lobbying the interests of Ukrainian «Party of regions», of laundering $ 18 million and conspiracy against the United States. According to media reports, Manafort placed by the court under house arrest.

The house Floor Manafort in Washington, the journalists on duty with the night. And have time to shoot at about 8 a.m. a black SUV leaves the gate. Inside the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump hides his face. Later, at the FBI office all the questions he will leave without comment, reports «TV Center».

It was something that interested all of America was whether a former adviser to the President in the interests of Moscow. Sensation is obtained, but quite different. In the text of the indictment against the Floor of Manafort and his right hand business partner, Richard gates on Russia, no question. There are other 12 points. Conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, the introduction of the government misleading fake documents. And instead of «Russian trace» is a trace of the Ukrainian.

«In the period from about 2008 to 2014 by Paul Manafort and Richard gates within the district of Columbia and beyond, knowingly and intentionally acting as agents of foreign representatives in the interest of the government of Ukraine, Party of regions and Yanukovych is not registered in the office of the attorney General of the United States, which is required by the laws of the United States,» writes the New York Times.

That is, in fact, imprisonment threatens now to spin doctor Manafort because he hid the fact of working as a foreign agent and lobbyist. And that «laundered» $ 18 million passed through his offshore accounts. The thread to the Kremlin prosecutors to stretch, of course, trying but not too successfully. Call Viktor Yanukovych a Pro-Russian politician. The same Yanukovych, who in his time in Ukraine was a major agitator for evroassotsiatsiyu. However, from this 16-page document objectivity and trivial knowledge of facts is not necessary. Take, for instance, the lines in which Yulia Tymoshenko inauguraron without her knowledge.

To stop «hunting for witches» and to do business — for example, to investigate the activities of the Democrats, in particular, the fact that they funded the so-called «Russian dossier», once again called on Donald trump. Rightly noting that all charges against Manafort elections do not apply.

«I’m sorry, but all this was many years ago, before by Paul Manafort became involved in the campaign trump. Why not focus roguish Hillary and the Democrats?» asked the President of the United States.

Robert Mueller, in charge of the investigation of Russian interference in American elections, of course, understood: to prove that the intervention, accusing Manafort and gates will not work. Then why to blame them, and even the first? Some of the analysts are sure: so spectacular banal reports on the work done.

Perhaps this accusation is a cunning attacking move in which Manafort will offer a plea deal. To, for example, in exchange for mitigation of punishment, provided important information, defaming Donald trump and his administration. In the White house, however, said: they have nothing to fear, ex-Advisor simply can not have this kind of information. And if I had, unlikely to share.

«Any disclosure of any intimate materials related to client, consultant is a professional death. Never in my life did more than one consultant will not hire. So it is better to die than to do such things,» said political analyst Alexei Martynov.

The American media, in spite of what is happening is called «a sharp turn in investigation of the Russian matter, casting a shadow on the first year of the presidency of the trump.» And this is the truth — perhaps the average American will understand the intricacies. Rather, simply believe in the immorality of environment, the incumbent President, that in the year before the midterm elections in Congress is even on hand to the Democrats. And then there’s Muller reports: a former adviser to trump on international Affairs of the George Papadopoulos confessed to contacts with people, who allegedly had close ties with high-ranking Kremlin officials. There is no doubt — Russian card will continue to play. And next in the black list of U.S. prosecutors, former assistant to the head of the White house Michael Flynn and even Donald trump, Jr.

Olga Oksenich, Andrey Bulychev, «TV Center».

The former head of staff of the trump Manafort placed under house arrest 31.10.2017

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