The first step to a great economic Asia

Leading the process of economic integration of Asia, Russia can make Far East an informal capital of the resulting Association. South Korea ready to join immediately, Japan returns to the question of a peace Treaty

The main message of the Russian President, the forum participants was the fact that the far East is at the epicenter of economic life, and this area is ready to become the center of integration, both economic and political life of the entire macro-region of Asia Pacific. «We have set ourselves in the full sense of ambitious, huge-scale task — to make the far East one of the centers of socio-economic development of our country, powerful, dynamic and advanced. As I said, this is one of our most important national priorities,» Putin said at a key event of the Eastern economic forum (WEF) plenary session.

The President in the development of the far Eastern territories is trying to solve not only local problems of the region, but also to start the process of unification of countries into a single economic space. Joint energy, transport, communications and financial projects like could be a first step to a great economic Asia. Leading this process Russia can make Far East an informal capital of the resulting Association. If the Russian President will be able to interest the leaders of the leading countries in the region in this integration, the current problems that now seem intractable – such as a peace Treaty Japan and Russia, nuclear weapons in North Korea or the economic poverty of the Russian Far East – you will go by the wayside and quickly resolved in favor of the main megaproject – Asian economic Union.

Glad all the East

To implement the ambitious plans for integration of the region Vladimir Putin has proposed to implement several mega projects. For example, the project of a global electricity grid – combining grid South Korea, Japan, China and Russia. Or combine the communication infrastructure of countries to work on projects for the conservation of existing and development of new competitive regional and TRANS-Eurasian transport corridors. The President invited the participants to invest in the Russian far East.

To do this, Vladimir Putin reminded that a number of measures to stimulate economic growth : creation of territories of priority development and free port, attracting cheap funding from the development Fund of the far East, the program «far Eastern hectare». Meanwhile, Putin acknowledged that not everything is functioning as it should. «We heard your comments and we will improve our work», — said the President of the Russian Federation to the participants of the forum.

After that was announced, and new incentives: the introduction of electronic visas for visitors, the introduction of the status of free ports in four marinas in the region, lower electricity prices to the national average, residents of Tori development Corporation small and medium businesses will provide an increased guarantee coverage for loans, size will be 75%. Furthermore it will be extended the tax benefits under the income tax «for large, long-term projects.» And for those companies that, at its expense, will build transport and energy infrastructure will be introduced tax holidays, until the cost of infrastructure does not pay off.

The Russian government has set itself «in the full sense of ambitious, huge task: to make the far East one of the centers of socio-economic development of the country.

Abe conqueror

The WEF this year was attended by the leaders of the three countries. Except the host in Vladivostok in this year came the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-Hye.

The Korean President welcomed the initiative of the Russian leader, and offered in turn to discuss the agreement on free trade zone with members of the Eurasian economic Union and the Republic of Korea. «Given the large potential for both countries we can expect a substantial increase in the volume of trade. We also need to diversify the trade structure, not limited to the car trade and energy,» said Park Geun-Hye, adding that the economies of Russia and Korea complement each other.

Sees the complementarity of the two economies and the Japanese leader. His performance filled with a huge number of poetic metaphors, historical references, transitions, comparisons and calls stood out. It was obvious that Abe had long prepared and directed his speech.

The Prime Minister made the audience worried. The intrigue is that in recent months have intensified negotiations to conclude a peace Treaty between Russia and Japan, and the audience of the WEF was waiting for the Japanese leader at least some hints on the territorial issue.

At the end of the monologue from the podium of the WEF, the Prime Minister of Japan especially emotionally appealed to President of Russia with an uncharacteristic appeal to «you». «Vladimir! We stand here. We all have Patriotic feelings for their country. As Governor, I am convinced of the correctness of the position of my country, as well as you are convinced of the correctness of Russia’s position,» said Abe, and the audience was ready to hear «no» and a smooth transition to the territorial issue.

«If you continue in the same vein, we will conduct such a debate over a decades – escalate the situation, Shinzo Abe. – If we leave everything unchanged, neither I nor you will give the countries opportunities for development.»»Vladimir, we are with you people of the same generation. Let’s be bold, take responsibility, overcome challenges and leave future generations a world where Russia and Japan reveals its powerful potential, » said Abe. Let’s put an end to the abnormal situation, which lasted for more than 70 years, and together we will begin a new era of Russian-Japanese relations, which will last another 70 years.»

Answering questions, the Russian President agreed that the problem needs solving. «Shinzo (Prime Minister of Japan, with whom we have very good and trusting relations, said that we have the vision, the Japanese side your vision, and each of us looks through the prism of their national interests on this issue», — said Putin. «But we are all United in one thing — the problem should be solved», — said the Russian leader.

The first step to a great economic Asia 03.09.2016

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