The first cargo ship passed under the arch of the Crimean bridge

On the fairway of the Kerch Strait now rises the arch of the railway part of the Crimean bridge. All night the massive detail of the overpass by means of jacks and cables lifted to the design height of 35 meters. The first ships have already passed under the arch.

In the entire history of the Kerch Strait, the sailors overcame him under the open sky. The first ship that passes under the arch of the Crimean bridge, greeted by dozens of builders. Navigation opened six hours earlier than planned. The cargo ship «St. Alexius» leads the caravan from the Azov sea to the Black sea, reports «TV Center».

This country has never done. First steps the unique design on the sea — gathered on the shores of the arch was loaded onto a special floating support, a dozen tugboats slowly and very carefully along a special route directed them to the fairway. Hundreds of specialists had to work around the clock.

While the European part of Russia just woke up in the Crimea have already completed a unique Maritime operation. 16 powerful jacks all night slowly raised the giant detail. The footage accelerated video process that took more than eight hours. Five meters per hour, the speed of a snail. Slowly but surely, the arch raised to the design height.

It was the last stage of one of the most complex technological operations. In order to transfer the arch from the shore and pick it up took less than three days. The builders have been preparing for this for over a year. Such a large cargo transported and raised for the first time. The weight of the Eiffel tower, the length of two football fields and the height of a fifteen storey house.

On stage — road to the arch of the Crimean bridge. It will install in a month. But technologically the Russian mainland is already associated with the Peninsula. The event, which without exaggeration can be called historic. The first cars at the 19 km long bridge will travel at the end of next year.

Boris Maksudov, Alexander Sarbanov, Maxim Volodin. «TV Center», Kerch.

The first cargo ship passed under the arch of the Crimean bridge 30.08.2017

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