The father died in Balashikha boy wants to find someone who «inject alcohol» child

Has around the death of six-year-old Alyosha Shimko in Balashikha. Over the past week the issues appeared more than it was. Data expertise on the content of the boy’s blood is a lethal dose of alcohol contradict each other. The number of checks organized by different departments is growing exponentially. The alleged culprit of the accident and do believe in the polygraph. All the participants in this Kafkaesque story trying to avoid any responsibility. But the truth seems a problem

Your information is outdated – a phrase on Friday met journalists Roman Shimko – the father of the deceased boy. As told to «TV Center», only that he got acquainted with the results of the examination appointed by the Ministry of interior.

«In my opinion, the sheet 117. It says that in the rags that are cut off from the back seat of a car with blood Alyosha Shimko, alcohol not detected. Because it is not possible to detect – he disappeared», — said Roman Shimko.

The wording is about the «failure to detect» – introduces another contradiction in the extremely complicated case of the death of Alyosha. As earlier, the Investigative Committee said they carried out the re-examination confirmed the previous result – alcohol is detected. Tellingly, the Ministry of internal Affairs, and the UK used the same samples almost at the same time – two months after the deadly crash.

«Investigators were also performed inspection of the car of the accused in the cabin which found and removed the traces of blood of the infant victim. According to conclusions it is judicial-chemical examination, in a specified blood alcohol», — has told the senior assistant to the head of the Main investigatory management SK of Russia across Moscow region.

Independent experts, the further twists in a story, the more repeat: the consequence for some reason, doesn’t answer those questions, and misses the point.

«We need to stop speculating on the fact that in the body of the child, the child was drunk. Because it’s funny not only across our country but across the world. We need to clearly identify, this can not be», — said head of chair of forensic medicine of the First MGMU named after I. M. Sechenov Yuri Pigolkin.

If accurate, it was revealed to 2.7 ppm – they have caused a wide public resonance. Doctors say, with the weight of six year old boy he had on an empty stomach to drink 200 grams of vodka. And, of course, that couldn’t play, to move, and just lay there. Maybe unconscious.

«Here, here’s transcendent concentration, and we immediately understand that something is wrong. And dad already thinks in the liver injected. And maybe, just dripped in blood and overdone. Maybe the tubes gave to the person who transportorul, and the person persuaded to go,» explained the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist Alexander Kovtun.

Negligence examines the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case. Another was instituted on the fact of violation of traffic rules, entailed death of the person. Here, too, the question arises – why it happened only a month after the incident.

«In fact, within 10 days, the staff must verify the information contained in the report of the Commission of the crime. Any information that was before them, term employees of the traffic police who records the event, the fact dorozhno-transport incident», — said the lawyer Timur Marsani.

Mysterious the whole time it was considered the disappearance of the surveillance cameras at the entrance, and live with her, which could shed light on the details of the accident. Our crew managed to figure out: the camera on the spot, works, picture, and written today to the server of the specialized company «Elektron». It looks like the review – you can see part of the Playground and the track on which ran the boy. The head of the «Electron» explained that the equipment was installed about 10 years ago in the police program. After the reorganization of the office camera, in fact, remained without the owner. Write them off, but it continued to operate – without a contract and payment.

«And spring for a long period of time, the server freezes — this was. Such a coincidence it happened at this moment. Some wilful act unlawfully in relation to the removal of some records, I will respond. I am completely in their employees. I am 100 percent that this could not be. My subjective opinion», — said General Director of «Electron» Sergey Butusov.

Anyway, the video would quickly shed light on the speed of Hyundai Solaris. If moving the machine along the yard in range of 20 kilometers per hour, as needed by the rules, or much faster.

«The deadlock of the house began to pick up speed. When he jumped in front of the car, he hit the bonnet and flew under the wheels. She even moved his two wheels,» said eyewitness Christine Gaponenko.

Still very little is known about the identity of the participants of the accident. 31-year-old Olga beneficial in the house, next to which was hit by the boy, not living, just met a friend. In the media and social networks appeared unconfirmed information about the criminal past of her husband. Reviews of lady driver any questions is not allowed.

By the end of the week the results of autotechnical expert appraisal. They say that the child would still be alive if the woman, who was driving, applied the emergency brake. But, as you know, history – in this case tragic – does not know the subjunctive mood.

Lawyers say that for serious judicial perspectives, from the point of view of mitigating the punishment of the driver, the child’s condition did not matter.

«From my point of view, the driver had to take into account all the circumstances. Including complex traffic situation. And including on site. If he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, was not, whether he was with adults or were one – whatever it is six year old child», — said the lawyer Timur Marsani.

Now Olga threatens till five years of imprisonment. But the novel Shimko determined to find and punish someone who, in his opinion, arranged the fraud.

«While my goal is the one who pumped the alcohol of the child», — said the father of the child.

Egor Kiselev, Vladimir Chernykh, Dean Samokhin, «TV Center»

The father died in Balashikha boy wants to find someone who «inject alcohol» child 25.06.2017

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