The family of cannibals arrested in the Kuban. The victims could be 30 people

Residents of Krasnodar shocked by the news about the arrest in the town a couple of cannibals. The husband and wife for nearly two decades people were killed, dismembered corpses, and perhaps they ate. While this information is informal. The Investigative Committee said that investigating one murder with the dismemberment of the body, and also check the information about the possible involvement of the couple to other crimes.

The shots of the man posing with a severed human hand, mimics the eating of the remains. This is footage from a mobile phone, found by road workers. The contents of the gallery were shocked and left no doubt: the gadget should be handed over to the police.

«The police of Krasnodar received a message from the road crew, that during repairs on the roadway, they discovered phone, which contained photos of a man with various parts of dissected human bodies», — said the head of information and public relations of the Ministry of internal Affairs across Krasnodar territory Maria Pirogova.

The police quickly identified the owner of the phone reports «TV Center». 35-summer Dmitry Baksheyev lived in the dormitory on the territory of the higher military aviation school.

«Under the pretext of returning phone 35-year-old FC Krasnodar was a meeting, during which, on suspicion of committing a crime under article 105 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation «Murder», he was detained. During the arrest the man had actively resisted the police,» — said Pirogov.

At the first interrogation, the owner of the phone said that the parts of the human body (head and hand) he found in the forest. Took them home, did a photo shoot, and in the morning took it with me to work. Their actions krasnodarets explains «stupidity», but at a consequence other version. In early September, along with his wife, who worked in the flying school nurse, they got acquainted with the future victim and with her, drank alcohol on an abandoned site.

«In the process of drinking between them there was a conflict in which a man committed murder of a new acquaintance. He later dismembered the body of the deceased, fragments partially left in place, hidden and partly took it. After the crime, the man took a picture of myself with some fragments of the body of the deceased with the camera on my mobile phone», — stated in the message of Investigatory Committee.

As believes a consequence, it is not the only episode. Family anthropophagi killed and ate people since 1999. During this time, the victims were about 30 people. They were soaked, boiled, made them blank. House suspects found 19 of skin flaps, a few cans of salted pieces of meat of unknown origin. In the fridge or seven packages of frozen remains.

It is reported that has managed to detect the remains of seven people. The investigation intends to «work off» all missing persons in the region over the past 18 years. If the version of 30 victims will be proved, the couple will become the second after «Bitsa» maniac on the number of murders committed.

Alexander Ogorodnikov, Julius Olejnik. «TV Center».

The family of cannibals arrested in the Kuban. The victims could be 30 people 26.09.2017

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