The failure of the «Antonov»: the plight of the plane-giant Mriya in Ukraine

Last Wednesday the famous plane-the giant, constructed by Soviet specialists, «Mriya» said 28-year-old anniversary of the first flight. After the USSR collapse the liner An-225 together with OKB. Antonov remained in Ukraine, but since that time, the opportunity to build such aircraft, the country was finally lost.

Whether Ukrainians rejoice at such an event? Of course, the unique liner is one of a kind and delights around the world. However, it created the an-225 is not enough to just be proud of his size, and was designed specifically for the space program. Now Ukraine does not use the potential of Mriya even half the plane turned into an ordinary commercial airliner carrier, moreover, very costly and unprofitable. Moreover, the Antonov concern can no longer produce aircraft in connection with the anti-Russian sanctions and lack of funding. Kiev forced out of his own pompous pride to ask for the missing funds from China.

Not so long ago the information appeared that Ukraine intends to transfer the rights of ownership to the plane of the celestial Empire, however, official Kiev denies it, hiding behind the fact that the alleged signed with China a mutually beneficial cooperation agreement. But even this is enough to Beijing actually received the «key» that will unlock everything «Antonov» and its unique technology of aviation. It is worth noting that no one has managed to surpass, or at least to repeat the work of Soviet engineers.

While Kiev continues to ignore Moscow and not in a hurry relations with Russia, the Ukrainian worn Mechta («dream») runs the risk of never take off. Time passes without Russian help to bring the plane in order to produce the desired reconstruction of Ukraine will not work, so mechanisms continue to falter, and in the most important parts of the aircraft. In November of the current year, while «dream» was in the airport in Lipetsk, one of the engines of the liner broke. Arrived at the scene, firefighters were able to extinguish the fire only after 15 minutes.

The failure of the «Antonov»: the plight of the plane-giant Mriya in Ukraine 23.12.2016

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