The fact of the accident with two buses near Rostov criminal case

In hospitals of the Rostov region after an accident involving two buses left 17 people. Still in serious condition and two injured. In this accident killed four passengers, 30 more, including three children, suffered serious injuries.

The number of victims of a terrible accident in the Rostov region has increased to four. Two elderly man and woman died on the spot, said «TV Center».

«The son came — said grandfather to the mound going for the electric stove to go. It’s our father-in-law, we got to know him, and that he died,» said a relative of the deceased Anna Evseeva.

Two more men died in the Central hospital of the Matveevo-Kurgan district. There are still nine victims. Among them two children. According to doctors, the victims, mostly open craniocerebral injury, injury of lower leg, spine and chest.

«We have one child were sent to a children’s General hospital of the city of Taganrog. And another victim in satisfactory condition is also residence to Taganrog. All the rest are supervised by duty staff. While their life threatens nothing», — said the acting chief physician of TSRB Matveevo-Kurgan area Oleg Makrushenko.

Upon road accident criminal case is brought. The accident occurred the day before on the sixth kilometer of the road «Sambek-Awilo-Uspenka».

According to eyewitnesses, the bus the GROOVE, leaving the minor roads, not missed moving along the main bus Kia. As a result of collision the GROOVE left in a ditch on inertia flew a few dozen meters.

In the end, the bus turned into a pile of metal. Broken Windows, warped doors, everywhere personal belongings of passengers. All the dead and injured were in this yellow bus.

«I remember the impact and before impact I remember people shouting to the driver: «Stop! Where are you going!». And there is also raced a bus with strong speed. And ripped us right out the door. And that’s all. We went into a ditch. And there is already a mess. Like someone was yelling at someone. We child your only hid», — told the victim, Natalia Plotnikova.

The exact cause of the accident and the perpetrators, law enforcement authorities have not yet called.

«Organized for the conduct of the preliminary investigation to establish all circumstances of the incident and the possible presence of signs of the crime provided by article 238 of the Russian criminal code — services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers», — said senior assistant SU TFR in the Rostov region Galina Gagalaeva.

The police and the district Prosecutor’s office began a comprehensive audit of Matveevo-Kurgan motor company.

Anastasia Filchenkova, Eduard Ilyin, «TV Center», Rostov oblast

The fact of the accident with two buses near Rostov criminal case 18.06.2017

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