The experts assessed the prospects of an independent Catalonia in the EU

In the Spanish capital held mass rallies for the unity of the country. Opponents of sovereignty to defend their point of view and in the streets of Catalonia. Protesters restrained by police. Carles Putteman, which was dismissed by decision of the Federal government, is not going to compromise, and the experts are already making predictions about the prospects of an independent Catalonia in the EU.

At least three people were slightly injured, said «TV Center». Spontaneous demonstrations are increasingly violent. Supporters of the unity of Spain destroyed the office of the popular Catalan radio station. And journalists of local television claim that in the credits they still indicate Carles Pokdemon as the current head of the autonomy, although Madrid have removed him from office and, according to the Spanish Constitution, introduced in the region of direct control. A reputable newspaper El Mundo, which expresses the official position of the authorities, wrote that for disobedience Podemno could face a prison sentence.

«If Carles Pujdeme and his advisers will not leave their posts, they could be charged with usurpation of power that is considered a crime. The article 402 of the Criminal code of Spain says that anyone «who unlawfully performs the functions of an official body or a public employee, to substitute them, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of one to three years», — stated in the material edition.

Experts do not exclude that the political stance of protesting in the region could push the Spanish government to force a military solution to the conflict. Madrid have already sent in resignation the head of the Catalan police. Now he’s going on trial for having allowed the rebellion. So the authorities took a referendum on independence. The prosecution can present and other law enforcement officers, if they fail to arrest Pokdemon.

«If it is a court order, we have to execute it. But we do hope that you do not have to. Still, we the police force of the Catalan government, and assuming that we hold our President that we really don’t like it, then it will definitely go down in history,» said the Secretary General of the Catalan law enforcement Mossos d Esquadra Tony Kasten.

Those who support Pokdemon in the rest of Spain is often referred to by the separatists and start to chase. Jordi Matas a Professor of political science at Barcelona University – now accused the state Prosecutor’s office that advised the government of Catalonia for holding a referendum.

«Obviously, we have a political conflict, and it can be resolved only through a political solution. But it should not be accepted by the Tribunal, not the police and not even the Constitutional court. I think that in the coming months, the confrontation with the official Madrid will be saved and will not save even a call for new regional elections. Because even in these elections it is impossible to silence the voices of more than two million people,» said Matas.

In these elections to participate and the Carles Putteman – the Spanish authorities left behind him such a right. But he is clearly not going to compromise. Revolutionary calls for independence based on economic calculations. The experts considered in case of secession from Spain in Catalonia with a population of 7.5 million people has all the chances to stand on a par with wealthy countries of the European Union.

«Catalonia can be successful in attracting business, and, consequently, in creating jobs. Despite the fact that the region is home to only about 18% of the population of Spain, autonomy produces more than 20% of GDP. If she were to be completely independent, then Barcelona with a population of 1.6 million people could become one of the most gorgeous capitals on the planet», — stated in the material Independent.

However, EU membership could take years. European leaders refuse to recognize the independence of Barcelona, fearing that it will open a Pandora’s box. Across Europe, there are still many regions that are ready to follow the contagious example of the Catalans.

Boris Ivanin, «TV Center»

The experts assessed the prospects of an independent Catalonia in the EU 29.10.2017

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