The expert revealed that threaten Russia’s «chocolate» sanctions of Ukraine: «there are Not looking»

Today, may 19, it became known that Ukraine introduces against Russia anti-dumping duties, which seek to protect local producers from ruin. Economist Dmitry Lisitsyn, specializing in the Russian confectionery market, told iReactor than Ukrainian obstacles threaten Russia, and whether it will save the Ukrainian chocolate market.

«The prosecution of the Russian manufacturers of dumping prices in itself is absurd to the outrageous. World chocolate prices over the last few years has grown substantially. At the Russian manufacturers it was affected particularly strongly, because the reason for the price hike was a shortage of cocoa beans. And in Russia they go after the resale from Europe. After the events, the Ukrainian confectioners, the situation is much more favorable in this respect. Of course, there are also Asian suppliers, but our business is not satisfied with the quality of their products. So what about cheap Russian chocolate – stupidity. In fact, the Ukrainian market is actively Domingues just European chocolate factories that are using their monopoly on the market of high-quality cocoa beans produce a really cheap product which, while not regulated duties. So Kiev is not out there looking for the root of the problem.

As for Russia, then our manufacturers have nothing to fear. For them, and so the priority is the domestic market which is released with the voluntary withdrawal from the Ukrainian companies. Those who do not want to lose export revenues, can easily switch to other CIS countries, who are willing to buy Russian products».

The expert revealed that threaten Russia’s «chocolate» sanctions of Ukraine: «there are Not looking» 19.05.2017

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