The expert explained what the «Nord stream-2» prevents US

The U.S. Congress is preparing to vote for new sanctions against the Russian Federation, which were approved on June 12. New restrictions could slow down the implementation of Russian gas project Nord stream-2. Economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the RF President Vladislav Ginko told correspondents iReactor than Americans so interfere with Russian gas pipeline.

«For the White house to put a spoke in the wheel «Nord stream-2″ will mean the loss of political credibility on the world stage for the applause of a small group of representatives of the political elite associated with the clan of Obama-Clinton. Sanctions against Russia look like a political disgrace and evidence that the American economy is a serious problem, when Washington is cutting into world energy markets, trying roughly to shove competitors. This is another shameful page in the history of American foreign policy.»

The expert explained what the «Nord stream-2» prevents US 17.06.2017

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