The expert commented the draft law on the burial of Lenin

Thursday, April 20, it became known that the State Duma introduced a bill that would allow burial of the remains of the body of Vladimir Lenin. The authors of the law were deputies Vladimir Sysoev, Ivan Sukharev, Alexander Kurdyumov, Evgeny Marchenko and Nikolay Brykin. In their opinion, this bill will allow to settle the question about the burial of Lenin. IReactor correspondent asked the political analyst and political consultant Natalia Yeliseyev to comment on the initiative of deputies.

«This issue occurs constantly. Moreover, every time it leads to a scandal and an even greater fragmentation of the parties. This case is no exception. However, 2017 is not the best time to discuss this issue. After the boards Mannerheim and Kolchak similar bills only perceived in bayonets. Atmosphere pumps the 100th anniversary of the revolution. Dialogue with people is also no. The deputies are referring to the support of the people in this matter, although this is a very controversial issue. In any case, this will again introduce contradictions in society.»

The expert commented the draft law on the burial of Lenin 20.04.2017

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