The expert commented on Putin’s words about the destruction of MH-17

During interviews with Oliver stone, Vladimir Putin commented on the situation with the downed over Ukraine Malaysian Boeing 777. The politician expressed confidence that U.S. intelligence has evidence that could shed light on this tragedy and identify those responsible. However, this will not happen, because Washington is not favorable for this position.

Leading the project «Meanings» and public figure Ivan Arkatov commented for iReactor statement of the Russian leader.

«First of all should pay attention to Putin’s words that if evidence of involvement of Russia or the militia of Donbass was, they would have been presented. The whole situation with the downed Boeing generally used for accusations of Russia in the war in the Donbass. No evidence, just unfounded charges, supported by information campaign. And that is completely built to Western position.

This provocation was probably implemented when the leadership of the US and Western special services, but with the arms of Ukraine. Therefore, it is not necessary to miss another point: no one can exclude that conventionally available evidence from those same States are lever of pressure on Ukraine. After all, this is an extremely powerful argument to influence any decision of the Ukrainian authorities.

It is also worth noting that this kind of provocation is likely to be the real course of the Western special services, which they do not even hide, by showing a similar situation in movies. But this provocation was not implemented as planned. And therefore, about the evidence against Russia-silence.»

The expert commented on Putin’s words about the destruction of MH-17 17.06.2017

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