The European University at St. Petersburg: Department of training dissidents

Today leading Russian media reported that the Rosobrnadzor suspended the activities of the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP). The decision to revoke the license of the educational institution made 7 Dec. Since then, the UNIVERSITY has no official right to conduct educational activities. The reason why the EUSP was forbidden to teach students, is to repeated gross violations of the licensing requirements established by the state. Diplomas and University educational programs did not meet the state Standards, and the management qualification requirements.

But why in the University, whose history starts in 1994, and composed of including more than 94 professors, there had been a number of violations? Let’s face it.

EUSP was engaged in the training of scientists, sociologists, historians, anthropologists and economists. In short, the University has prepared a wide range of professionals working with society and forming public opinion. Moreover, the UNIVERSITY by the leadership was positioned as a leading non-state University. It was stated that he was the source of manpower for the Russian state, which will bring the country to the forefront.

In this regard a revocation of the University raises many questions. Chief among them: University, the idea of working for the good of the country, could violate the General educational standards of the state?

The answer lies in the fact, which in reality was attended by students of the EUSP.

So, in October of last year, the University hosted an international seminar on natural resources, environment and economic growth. The event was attended by leading European professors. Scientists in their statements, first of all, is not engaged in the solution of global environmental and economic problems, and with the criticism of the Russian authorities.

Note that the workshop where the students of the EUSP tried to convince ineffective domestic and foreign policy, was already the fourth.

In addition to provocative presentations, the University regularly presented books of the Western journalists that are critical in his writings of the Russian power. A good example of such literature was the opus called «Authoritarian modernization in Russia: ideas, institutions and policy», fully funded by Academy of Finland. It once again deals with the theme of the alleged negative influence of the Russian authorities on the country’s economy.

Well, the icing on the cake in the training of students Department of the University special courses studying the change of regimes in former Soviet countries and departments on the subject of Nationalism in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Students of the European University is not just ingrained in people’s minds a negative attitude towards the state, but also specific examples have been taught to overthrow the government in different countries. And as we have said, graduates of the EUSP, after the end of such training was to occupy various positions, or otherwise associated with the formation of public opinion.

It is also worth to underline that the financing of the University, working in almost outright subversive activities in the country, was due to various Western social organizations. Foundation the John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, George Soros Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Foundation ZEIT-Stiftung — who not only appeared in the EUSP sponsors.

Leaders in the infusion of money into «a smithy of shots for the Russian state»: the MacArthur Foundation and the Soros Foundation, 2002 total paid to the University more than 10 million dollars. Six figures, mostly went to pay «professors.» On average, one salary was 250 000.


It is not surprising that in the EUSP during the activities there were plenty of violations that ultimately led to the revocation of the license. The University administration, blasé amount of cash injections from the West, apparently, corny ignored the educational standards in the country. Really, why try to conform to any standards, if on your Bank account and so transfer the money? For that, however, he paid.

The European University at St. Petersburg: Department of training dissidents 09.12.2016

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