The EU will continue to tax war with the USA

A new phase of «shooting» TNK

Europe continues to «hunt» for an American multinational giants. The main reason is the monopoly and fraud, according to the Commission, the payment of taxes.

Well aware of the difficult relations with Brussels have Google, which is a logical consequence of, but not completing, a record fine of 2.4 billion euros. By the way, Google this week appealed the decision and to pay a fine not in a hurry, because the European courts are notoriously slow work and considering such things (the claim of Apple to the EC) are not even months but years.

Leaving «behind» the court process, officials became interested in other high-tech us company Inc. Gert-Ian Koopman, a senior official of the European Commission, which is investigating the largest activity onlaynovskie dealer, explained to Bloomberg that its rapid growth and expansion could contribute to tax fraud.

Gert-Ian of Koopman can reasonably be called a storm of transnational companies (TNCs). Thanks to him and his assistants, the court ordered Apple last year to pay 13 billion euros in allegedly unpaid taxes, mainly in Ireland. Speaking at a conference in Brussels, Koopman stressed that the European Union will continue resolutely to fight with the methods of TNC activities that threaten fair and honest competition.

«Our concern is that the company is able to reduce the tax base and which, thanks to its business model penetrates easily to all markets and develops, can do it all much faster than their competitors,» said Gert-Ian Koopman asked about the investigation of Amazon. However, he pointed to the «internal form of financing that allowed the company (Amazon) so greatly expanded.»

It seems like Amazon and McDonald’s Corp. will become the next victims of the struggle of the EU against fraud, it is the firm conviction of Brussels, schemes of tax avoidance by TNCs. The two American giants are now the objects of investigation of suspicious financial transactions of the government of Luxembourg with major companies. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is known for its «special deals» on taxes, which represent the benefits of TNCs.

At stake in this and similar investigations of the European Commission the billions of euros that large companies are hidden in European tax havens from the tax inspectors of the countries in which they earn major money. In Europe, companies whose activities can cause their interest, about three hundred. According to Koopman, the EC allocates the largest companies with the most egregious transactions that are particularly severely harm the fair competition.

The choice of victims

«As for our priorities and selection of cases, the taxes and the competition is very important,» — emphasizes Koopman.

European regulators have limited capabilities and powers. So they want to focus their attention and energy to such tax deals, which give selective advantage for one company and allow it to beat the competition.

Company of Jeff Bezos is not to be envied. Amazon has caused discontent not only in Europe but across the Atlantic, in his homeland. President trump than once criticized the largest retailer onlinestore for the way he has and, most importantly, how much to pay taxes in America. War on two fronts could be Amazon.

A large-scale campaign against major companies, neoplasias, according to the Europeans, taxes, the European Union started in 2014 with the official investigations of Apple in Ireland. The same investigation has been launched against Starbucks Corp., Fiat SpA, McDonald’s, Engie SA and a number of smaller companies. Especially strongly interested in Koopman and his investigators tax program in Belgium providing benefits to more than 30 multinationals.

Luxembourg and Ireland could not stand the pressure of Brussels and promised to fix or even cancel the items of tax legislation, which led to criticism of the European Commission. Moreover, in Ireland this requirement is supported by the people.

«Maybe we’re at the end of the beginning, but I’m sure it’s not the end of a tax investigation of the European Union,» says Gert-Ian Koopman. Storm TNCs are optimistic and confident that victory will be for the European Commission. Reason for optimism he has. It and EC policy in respect of large companies, deftly using the spaces legislations of EU member States in respect of taxes, support of European heavyweights Germany, Spain, Italy and France, which is at the forefront of this struggle.

The EU will continue to tax war with the USA 14.09.2017

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