The Duma has cancelled the New Year

Have you noticed that a person’s character or even a
the organization is often manifested in the details? For example, if you are on a job interview
came a man whose socks are different colors, you should think about
if he should entrust the work, which requires meticulous attention to detail.
With organizations about the same. If the schedule on the door of the office
corresponds to the actual work schedule of employees, it is likely that in
customer relations is also no order. When the new leadership
The state Duma has forced the deputies to vote in person, it also seemed that
it’s a small thing, but it was not so. It was just a sign
of the changes expected from the new Council. Deputies, especially from
those who went through the process of primaries and single-seat districts, waiting for them to
worked and not voted by proxy. Certainly not without
resistance: in the Duma dramatically increased the number of leaves of absence, vacations and sick leave,
but, as you know, formal and informal methods of dealing with such
the above worked for a long time.

Actually, I dream that the Duma functioned as a
some private companies with Japanese management. Most likely, difficult
to make members work as workers on the production line
Toyota or Mitsubishi, but strive for this need. And start
it is possible and necessary with things that sometimes seem trifles.

Yesterday the Duma has cancelled the traditional new year’s
corporate. This decision Vyacheslav Volodin supported by all the faction leaders.
This is the right decision, although perhaps part of the audience will miss
the opportunity to see choral singing of deputies or the next fiery room in
version of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. But it’s not terrible. I’m sure TV channels
literally fighting for the opportunity to remove the leader of the liberal democratic party in any
Christmas show, but the Duma may remain a work space. This too
is the correct symbolism.

All the deputies as a whole need to get used to
that the Duma is not a printer for the government, and the authority which
represents the interests of specific constituents when dealing with the government.

Here specifically so that they could feel it on his
skin not every four years, during the election campaign, and much more
one of its special events. Deputies from United Russia, for example,
the birthday party are sent to the regions to carry out the techniques of the voters.
It’s good when the Deputy looks into the eyes of the residents of their districts, when they
regularly have the opportunity to tell him about their problems and the behaviour of local
authorities. This is useful. But this does not give the MP feel
a celestial. By the way, the new leadership of the Duma single-mandate all makes
regularly visit your regions not to forward the regional agenda.
It will be necessary to establish a monitoring mechanism on how the deputies react to
made problems for them, but the direction of change is clearly correct.

I’m not a Westerner, but there is one American thing that I would
really wanted to transfer to Russian soil. In America, when discussing some
acute political or social problem, or resonance legislative
the initiative, often say «write your Senator!», «write
your Congressman!», let them know of your position. Americans write actively.
And very often, speaking in the debate, the senators or congressmen refer to it
what they say «I will not vote for this law because I am
disgruntled voters.» Now, I want our deputies wrote.
Wrote a lot. And I hope that in 2-3 years any negligent official on
the local level perceived the words «I will write to my MP» as a very
very effective and a serious threat from disgruntled citizens. Vyacheslav
Volodin knowingly introduced a rule under which members must themselves personally to read and respond to emails
voters. MPs, of course, will try to take time off, but they need
discipline. And then, perhaps, the deputies deserve the right to

After reading this text don’t forget to write your
the MP about their problems. And then share with me the results of this
correspondence. About the most interesting cases I will tell you in their
«orientation meeting».

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The Duma has cancelled the New Year 23.11.2016

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