The doors of the bus in Yekaterinburg caught the woman with the child

In Yekaterinburg are investigating the egregious case which has occurred on one of the bus stops of the city. A woman with a two year old baby was trying to exit the vehicle, when the bus suddenly began to close the door. The passenger caught his leg. The driver did not pay attention to it and continued movement. The victim was in the hospital.

To talk about what happened without tears no woman can. Admits that she still has nightmares. And to come to a stop the ill-fated Julia and all is not solved. Remember, as with the son rode the bus and my stop was about to come out. With a child in her arms took a step off the platform, then it’s just a sharp pain.

This moment captured by the surveillance cameras. The footage clearly shows how the driver stops a few meters from the stop, but the woman with the baby even comes out. Help came from a passing motorist. She plunged with Julia child in the car.

The result of that trip — a partial tear of the ligaments. Julia now moves with difficulty and only with assistance. Two year old son was not injured, but frightened. He’s still crying and not moving away from my mom. The transport company of the situation refuse to comment. The basic version — the driver with 30 years of experience simply didn’t notice the woman.

The testimony of the driver, however, the version of the victim do not converge. According to him, before leaving the bus, he was convinced of the safety of all passengers, and after the incident, immediately called the police.

«The accident was recorded. Will the inquest on the circumstances of the incident and in statutory terms will be made the reasoned decision,» — said senior inspector of Department of propaganda of traffic police Department of the MIA of Russia in Ekaterinburg Natalia Lesnikova.

According to Julia, it has asked the representatives of the transport company with a proposal to resolve the issue, and the world. The answer is very categorical — only fair punishment. An inattentive driver from work is still suspended. If it is proven that leaving the scene of an accident, he could face a term of two to five years.

Alexander Salomasova, «TV Center».

The doors of the bus in Yekaterinburg caught the woman with the child 13.10.2017

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