The decision of trump in Cuba greatly angered Havana

The Cuban government has condemned the decision of the U.S. President to terminate the agreement on normalization of relations between Washington and Havana. Donald trump called the deal struck by the Obama administration, unilaterally and contrary to the interests of the United States. It abolished her position and imposed a ban on tourist travel to Cuba.

This decision of the new administration in principle was expected. With the implementation of election promises in the abolition of the decrees of Barack Obama, Donald trump still does not work. Because Cuba has actually been a win-win solution that will support both Republicans and Democrats thought the White house. And now, having arrived in Miami, the President solemnly declared — to the brief warming of relations between the US and the island of Freedom comes to an end, said «TV Center».

«I declare a new policy. It is to achieve the best agreement for the Cuban people and for the United States of America. We will limit the flow of dollars that go into strengthening the military, intelligence and security services of the Castro regime. We will introduce a ban on tourism, an embargo – all that money came people to develop a small business that the country was building his great future,» said trump.

In Cuba, this decision was criticized, but without some sort of ultra-hard rhetoric. For 50 years there used to the American sanctions. Washington brought them back in the early 60s after the revolution and the subsequent nationalization of American property on the island. After more than half a century, President Obama has decided that such a policy is not working and has slightly relaxed the economic constraints. In March 2016 he even came to Cuba with the historic visit.

Many people then criticized the President’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba. Obama still called it historic. Now trump’s decision to revoke, stating that the agreement concluded by the previous administration is not beneficial to America. And if Havana wants normalization, let’s develop a new document which will take into account the interests of both countries. And while sanctions again will increase.

Official Havana believes that the statements of trump’s a step backwards in the development of relations. However, the authorities remain committed to respectful dialogue and cooperation with Washington, which once again demonstrated its unpredictability in foreign policy. So the situation was commented by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

«The last decade every new administration in the United States cancels a fundamental foreign policy decisions of the previous one. The only predictable quality of American foreign policy long ago became its complete unpredictability. No, there is another eternal interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign countries», — Zakharov wrote in his Facebook.

In Moscow, stressed that will monitor situations that Washington again seems puzzling.

Alexander Panyushkin, «TV Center».

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The decision of trump in Cuba greatly angered Havana 17.06.2017

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