The cruiser «Aurora» after a two-year renovation will open its doors on the Day of the Navy

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To the day of the Navy on restored cruiser
«Aurora» will open the Museum. On the night of 16 July the ship after a two-year repair at Kronstadt
marine plant returned to its former place Petrogradsky embankment. July 31 in St. Petersburg kicks off a massive celebration
anniversary of the Russian Navy, and the celebrations will begin with the opening
updated the exposure on Board the «Aurora.» The cruiser will visit government
the delegation, held a ceremony «ribbon-cutting». To receive visitors «Aurora»
will start from August 3.

The vehicle has a modern fire detection systems and video surveillance
renewed teak deck. The ship appeared
the latest automation, allowing it to exist for two weeks. If
before it was a Museum ship, but now the cruiser transferred to the Navy, but because he —
officially a combat ship. It appeared the crew of 18 sailors dead. Almost twice will increase the area of the halls. Planned
create nine exhibition blocks. Historical exposition tells not
so much about the revolutionary past of the cruiser, whose blank shot in October 1917
year was the signal to storm the Winter Palace, but about the history of domestic
shipbuilding. Special attention will be dedicated to the surgery in the military
courts. There will recreate the operating and x-ray room first half of the twentieth century.

Aurora went to the repair September 21, 2014, reconstruction
cost of defense in 840 million roubles.

The cruiser «Aurora» after a two-year renovation will open its doors on the Day of the Navy 19.07.2016

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