The Consulate in San Francisco will stop accepting visitors from 1 September

The state Department has demanded to close the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, and two representative offices in Washington and new York. It is emphasized that the reason was the requirement of Moscow to reduce the us diplomatic corps. On September 1, the Consulate will close doors to visitors.

Russian Consulate in San Francisco and two buildings of the trade mission in Washington and new York will be closed. It has become known only on Thursday evening, and already by 2 September, the work of these objects must be completely stopped, reports «TV Center». The state Department tried to explain this requirement is acute need for foreign policy and even stated that the alleged understatement cost with Russian diplomats.

«Following this initiative, both countries will have three working Consulate. Thus, despite the fact that there will be parity in the number used by diplomats and consulates buildings, we decided to give the chance to the Russian side to continue to use some buildings as we aim to stop the deterioration in our relations», — said the representative of the state Department of Jizera Neuert.

On new restrictive measures against Moscow, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has personally informed the head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

«The Secretary of state called specifically in order to inform you that soon will be announced further restrictions on the activities of Russian diplomatic missions in the United States and outlined their main content. In response, the Minister expressed regret at the escalation of tensions in bilateral relations, initiated not by us, and indicated that Moscow would carefully review the Americans announced the new measures will be informed about our response,» — said the Minister.

Meantime, will have to decide what exactly will be the procedure of termination of work of the Consulate General in San Francisco, where people will go. The state Department stressed that this time we are not talking about the expulsion of diplomats and their families, and just about closing buildings. While the buildings themselves will remain the property of the Russian foreign Ministry, they simply cannot be used for other purposes.

«The decision was extremely regrettable. It hurt the interests of the Russian citizens living in the region, which was the responsibility of the Consulate General, and American citizens who also was often addressed in our Consulate General about many issues, including, for obtaining Russian visas,» said Consul General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco Sergey Petrov.

In Washington insist that this measure was a response to Russia’s demand to downsize the American diplomats working in our country. In the United States believe it to be unfounded and harmful to bilateral relations. While in Washington seem to have forgotten who started this confrontation. The us administration in December last year right before the Christmas holidays within 72 hours, ordered Russian diplomats to return home, and also arrested departmenet. Moscow response was in no hurry — tried to negotiate the return of the seized objects. But the US meet in any did not want to go. Because Russia had to make a step in this confrontation: the United States was ordered to reduce its diplomatic mission in our country on the 455. And from August 1, American diplomats are forbidden to use a took and a warehouse on Road street. But Washington did not stop there. A week ago, the United States suspended the issuance of their nonimmigrant visas throughout Russia. However, with Friday’s procedure is scheduled to resume, but only at the American Embassy in Moscow.

«The world they show their unpredictability, some children’s stubbornness, behave, to put it mildly, inappropriately, violate, so to speak, of decency, which was developed by many centuries in terms of development diplomacy. In my opinion, such measures will not be left without attention», — said the Senator Andrey Klimov.

In announcing its decision, the us government expressed hope that the new response will not follow. As stated at the Russian Embassy in the United States, our country will be professionally and calmly respond to Washington’s actions.

Oksana Fomicheva, Alexander Kovalev. «TV Center».

The Consulate in San Francisco will stop accepting visitors from 1 September 01.09.2017

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