The construction of the North-East Expressway is in the area, «Highway of Enthusiasts — Veshnyaki»

Moscow continues to large-scale construction of the North-East Expressway. Just last week the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has launched the movement on one of the most difficult junctions — at the intersection of Highway of Enthusiasts, but the construction goes on.

One of the methods of construction also under flyover pillars can be called «floor». First, in the ground hammered pile, then going to metal rebar and poured concrete. And so meter by meter. For the construction of each takes 3 to 4 weeks. Have to work in parallel, because this section of the North-East Expressway section of these columns — hundreds, reports «TV Center».

As soon as the concrete hardens, you can begin preparations for the installation of the span structures. Collected on the ground frame of the casing for raising a height of 15 meters. After the reinforcement in the finished form will pour another batch of concrete. So, disappearing over the horizon monolithic overpass will be another hundred meters long. Builders report that this section of the North-East Expressway, which will connect Highway Enthusiasts and the Moscow ring in the district Veshnyakov, half ready. Part of the new line will be above ground. Moreover, for the construction of the elevated structures has to use all known technology.

The North-East Expressway — traffic light-free highway with a total length of about 30 kilometers. It diagonally crosses the capital and will be for vehicles on alternative route without departure for Moscow ring. To build this section of highway, had to shift a total of 140 kilometers of communications.

The result is a six-lane highway managed to compactly fit along the existing railway line, without damaging the natural landscape of the Kuskovsky Park. Don’t inconvenience the new road and local residents. Cars from the houses fenced off noise screens.

North-East chord in Moscow, build in parallel, starting and operating the parts, as available. «Highway of Enthusiasts — Veshnyaki» — only one of the nine sites. The cars here go next summer. But the whole line, as promised by the builders, will be ready by 2020.

Andrey Sidorenko, «TV Center».

The construction of the North-East Expressway is in the area, «Highway of Enthusiasts — Veshnyaki» 13.09.2017

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