The choice of Sewerage system for a country house

When selecting the treatment plant it is necessary to consider a number of factors, including the following:

  • The number of people who live in the house constantly, and visit it from time to time. It depends on how often you will use a plumber, and, consequently, the amount of volley reset, that is, the peak load on the sewer system.
  • The performance of the treatment plant, measured in cubic meters per day.
  • The depth at which lies a sewer pipe.
  • The material used for the manufacture of the cleaning system.
  • The ability to connect the sewer system to the uninterruptible electric power supply.
  • Terrain features.
  • The structure and type of soil on the land on which is laid a sewer.
  • The depth at which the ground water table. It depends on the complexity of the installation of the sewage system in the soil.
  • The area of land allocated for the installation of facilities for sewage treatment.

After evaluating all these factors, country-house owner can choose the most suitable type of sewage treatment in detail here. Before widespread cheap solution was the arrangement of the plot simple pit latrines. But now used more modern solution. One of them is the septic tank. It is a sealed tank that receives the wastewater. Then they defended with anaerobic digestion of sludge. In some designs an additional cleanup.

Septic tanks are divided into two main types: storage tanks, plastic and construction with soil cleanup. The first type is a buried soil sealed container, to which is connected a sewer pipe from the house. It is inexpensive and needs no electricity, but requires constant pumping with the use of special equipment. So the savings on this septic tank of the funds will still be spent on the services of vacuum trucks. Septic tanks with soil cleanup consist of elements of the drainage system. They can be arranged only on the land, ground waters which lie not higher than three meters from the surface.

The most technologically advanced form of sewer systems for private homes are biological treatment plant – sealed polypropylene treatment facilities with multiple cameras. The degree of purification of waste water in these areas reaches 100%. They are compact and environmentally friendly, and therefore can be installed in any part of the surrounding area.

The choice of Sewerage system for a country house 31.10.2017

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