The choice of family law: the basic rules

Its services are useful in solving a variety of problems, including:

• Division of marital property, including unequal.

• Dissolution of marriage in court.

• Change, cancellation or invalidation of the marriage contract.

• Recognition of the marriage invalid.

• Contestation of paternity (maternity).

• Establish paternity.

• The decision of raising a child disputes between his parents or guardians.

To find a specialist who is knowledgeable in these matters, it is not so difficult. However, it’s much harder to choose a highly qualified specialist. This should be guided by the following criteria or ask for assistance in GOS-ADVOKAT:

• In self-search should not pay attention to the announcements posted on walls and pillars. A good specialist will find other ways to advertise your services, for example, in printed publications, on specialized Internet resources, as well as using your own web site.

• If social networks were able to find the right family lawyer, it is necessary to ensure that the information available about him confirms his long successful activity.

• Special attention should be paid to reviews. This is the most truthful and reliable source of information. It is advisable to meet with the authors of these reviews face-to-face, communicate with them and to see the high professionalism of the lawyer. We must remember that in the Internet you can find a lot of reviews, but there is no guarantee that they are not written in order.

• After finding a suitable specialist it is necessary to examine its documents – diplomas, copies of completed chores, etc. Good family lawyer is always ready to give your potential client a few contacts for you to verify his qualifications. You need to meet these people and get them to confirm the professionalism of the chosen family lawyer.

• Great importance is the number of completed cases provided by the lawyer – the longer it takes, the better. The same applies to the reviews on the Internet. They must be fresh, otherwise the information may become obsolete and do not correspond to the current state of Affairs.

• No good family lawyer could not immediately indicate the value of their services. For this purpose it is necessary to summarize the value of the effort that can be made only after completion of the case. Therefore experts, beginners conversation with the client with discussion of the value of its services not credible.

The choice of family law: the basic rules 03.09.2017

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