The castle «swallow’s nest» in Crimea is a large-scale reconstruction

In the Crimea, in the famous castle «swallow’s nest» is a large-scale reconstruction. For several years the Palace is in disrepair. The work is carried out in stages. Now visiting the architectural monument is temporarily prohibited.

The landscape that is familiar even to those who never were in Crimea. Your one hundred and fifth birthday of the legendary castle is preparing to meet «rejuvenated», said «TV Center». Engineers from across the country working to save the unique building.

The rig barely fits in a small area of the castle. Builders need to be done five wells right into the rock. It depends on the preservation of the building. Because of the threat of collapse for several years, closed balcony and second floor.

«The castle, he is now, roughly speaking, falls apart. In two parts. It will definitely be a stronger part of the Foundation, a plate will be strengthened bedrock,» explained head of the restoration project of Tatiana Kerman.

The fragments obtained of the breed will study the experts. For geologists these samples is something like a cardiogram in a doctor. This diagnosis of the monument for the first time. Working on it dozens of experts from environmentalists to surveyors to next year to begin major restoration.

The first building appeared here in the late nineteenth century. It was a wooden cottage of a retired General. The stone structure was built by order of the Russian oil industrialist in 1912. Architects and builders had to work on the small rock to build a real castle. The original form of «Swallow’s nest» today remind only photos.

«Then the complicated and severe trials of the civil war, after the restaurant period, then the earthquake of the 27th of the year, which destroys part of the Palace «swallow’s nest», — said the Deputy Director of the Museum of the «swallow’s nest» Alexander Levin.

In an emergency condition after the earthquake it stood for almost forty years. While in the late sixties under his Foundation did not disappoint the concrete slab. It was after the restoration the updated «swallow’s nest» became the hallmark of the Crimea.

On the spot where now a construction worker, once filmed the legendary detective in «Ten little Indians». Soaring over the sea, the castle and the sea played in it hardly probable not the main role. Against the facade of the «Swallow’s nest» and on the terrace movie characters appeared many times. But the scene inside the house was filmed in Vorontsov Palace. The lock did not fit due to their small size.

Restorers plan to not only strengthen the building itself. After the main work will be repaired and the rooms in the castle. For the first time in many years, Museum visitors will be able to climb to the second floor and a balcony. Now the most popular tourist sites of the Crimea is not yet available to the public. There are drilling operations. To see him either from the sea – that’s where the best views, or on the hundred-ruble bill. Here «swallow’s nest», that is, in all its glory. Doors will be open to visitors next week.

Boris Maksudov, Alexander Sarbanov, Maxim Volodin, «TV Center», Crimea

The castle «swallow’s nest» in Crimea is a large-scale reconstruction 18.06.2017

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