The case of the Malaysian «Boeing» is used in the West for confrontation with Russia – Eugene Ben

The expert of IA «National news» confident that the Commission’s findings in the case of the death of MH17 represents a political gesture of the West in relation to Russia amid new tensions.

The case of the crash of the Malaysian «Boeing» due to the excessive politicization is used in the West as a trump card against the backdrop of worsening global political situation. This opinion was cited in an interview with news Agency «National news» , the political scientist, leading expert of the National Institute of modern ideology development Eugene Ben.

According to the analyst, representatives of the Joint investigation team to investigate the crash of a passenger airliner Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines had not considered and did not take into account the data provided by Russia due to the fact that originally built the concept of the prosecution in Russia. Even in the earliest stages of an investigation, the experts are fully supported only those facts that were accused of the tragedy of Russia, but did not consider specific evidence of the guilt of the Ukrainian side.

«The whole campaign around the death of a Malaysian «Boeing» was from the first weeks highly politicized. Proper investigation in such circumstances it was impossible to conduct all the data provided by Russia, was repeatedly ignored. More than a year ago, when no findings have not yet been summarized, the Dutch side is required to collect an international Tribunal for «Boeing,» reminded Eugene Ben. – It was more than enough: the international Tribunal is possible when there is one obvious crimes against humanity, put together as a systematic fact – to recall the Nuremberg Tribunal or the Tribunal on the events in Rwanda. There was no evidence Russia was ready to send to the Tribunal».

However, the expert said, if you carefully review the arguments and «facts» that the investigation team is trying to prove his accusations, it turned out that many of the «proof» General lack of competence. Some of the facts are outright misinformation.

«For example, indicates the speed of the missile fired from «Buka» – but on the basis of distance, on which there were the Ukrainian armed forces. And with all this it is concluded that rocket fired from some «Russian armed forces», — said the expert. – Look especially strange conclusion that the militia allegedly failed to bring down the «Boeing» – the speed of the projectile does not match the distance to the deployment of militias. Even more strange conclusion is that «Boeing» was shot down by a Russian citizen with a Russian passport. This is a complete phantasmagoria – this detail set is almost impossible. It is unclear how these insights could be done.»

As noted by Eugene Ben, the case of the crash of the Malaysian «Boeing» of the situation in such a way that the mere fact of the crash is declared by Western experts «deliberate» and «brutal» crime – despite the fact that there is no evidence that «Boeing» was shot down by Russia. In this regard, the expert believes that the Commission’s findings in the case of the death of MH17 represents a political gesture of the West in relation to Russia.

«When in 2015 the Dutch demanded the establishment of the Tribunal by Boeing, at that time observed the climax of the confrontation between the West and Russia. It was used for political purposes – was hoping for the betrayal of the Russian national elites to undermine the internal situation in the country. And now the story with «Boeing» once again climbed despite the crisis, the Russian-American agreements on Syria, on the background of inter-a situation related to the elections. Every time the political situation gives rise to the situation with the «Boeing» POPs up in all the new shades,» summed up Eugene Ben.

We will remind, the passenger Boeing 777 company Malaysia Airlines flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, crashed on July 17, 2014 near the village of Hrabove, near the city of Torez proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND). Killed 298 people, 193 of them were Dutch nationals. Kiev has blamed the collapse of the liner proclaimed militia Donetsk national Republic, in turn, the leadership of the DNI stated that it did not have the means that would shoot down aircraft at this altitude.

On 28 September, the international investigation team has published a report on the causes of the crash Malaysian airliner Boeing-777 Malaysia Airlines in the South-East of Ukraine. After watching half a million different video and many intercepted telephone conversations, the Commission issued its decision to accuse Russia in the MH17 disaster in July 2014. However, most of the information was not made public, and the final decision of the Commission of inquiry postponed until next year.

The failure of all allegations and «facts» of the Commission of inquiry, proved group of volunteers «AntiBellingcat» in their alternative investigations. Analysts have uncovered a chain of inaccurate and blatantly false information that the experts gave for the «irrefutable evidence of guilt of Russia for the downed «Boeing», and also proved the direct blame Ukraine for the destruction of the airliner.

Author: Nikolay Shingarev

The case of the Malaysian «Boeing» is used in the West for confrontation with Russia – Eugene Ben 01.10.2016

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