The builders started to install arch Crimean bridge

The builders of the Crimean bridge delivered a six-ton railway arch to the Seine estuary area. Now the design is going to raise the design height, and is 35 meters, and install on the supports. For a unique marine operation watch dozens of specialists. The work is truly jewelry.

The railway arch in its place. She was taken to the fairway on Monday night. Ahead — the most responsible stage of the operation. To set for 48 hours. To complete the unique Maritime operation, engineers have less than two days. But the impossible missions for the builders of the Crimean bridge is not the case, reports «TV Center».

Hundreds of special ropes and jacking system should install arch, weighing six thousand tons to dizzying heights. It will raise to 35 meters. Before doing this an hour a giant detail will be maintained on weight. To the design height of railway arch raise for eight hours.

227 meters of construction and only fifty centimeters clearance. And all this under the cover of night. Building a real balancing act. 35-metre-high arch as if by command stood at attention. To Park a huge detail, had to have pinpoint accuracy. Numerous sensors, a kind of building sensors, recorded dozens of parameters.

Collected on the shore arch is supported by a dedicated floating support. A dozen tugs, slowly and very carefully along a special route direct them to the fairway. Speed barely visible to the eye.

For the first time in the history of the movement on the fairway stopped not because of bad weather. Warned about this in advance, so the traffic of ships there. Every inch of the way counted by the best mathematicians, engineers, builders and forecasters. Such large and heavy cargo by water, may be transported, but certainly not raised in the open sea.

The weight of the Eiffel tower, the length of two football fields and the height of a fifteen storey house. Only the bolts that fasten the arch, weigh as much as three Boeing. To paint the large part of the bridge, left more than one hundred thousand litres of white paint. To overcome these five miles, the sailors and the builders were preparing more than a year.

Scientists have calculated: for successful operation the wind speed should not exceed 10 meters per second. For such oversized cargo, needed almost the full three days of calm. August was abnormally windy, and the weather at sea had to wait. Builders reminiscent of other works on the Crimean bridge continues even at night.

Boris Maksudov, «TV Center».

The builders started to install arch Crimean bridge 28.08.2017

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