The builders of the Crimean bridge started to rise road arches on the supports

Complex engineering operation in the Kerch Strait began lifting the car arches the Crimean bridge. The builders have 8 hours to set up the multi-ton structure on 35-metre height.

Arch road begins to slowly climb up. Literally at a snail’s pace. Five kilometers per hour. From the movement of such a huge detail and not significantly, reports «TV Center».

Hundreds of powerful ropes and a special jacking system to raise the arch to a height of 35 meters. It is the distance from the water to the roadway necessary for the ships. Here can freely pass ships of any class.

This is the last and literally the hardest stage. The weight of the arch span of five and a half thousand tons. Unique Maritime operation in the Kerch Strait lasts for more than 30 hours. Her live watching tens of thousands of Internet users.

«This is the most important on the emotional intensity of the stage. In terms of responsibility. We work as a team. All are in their places,» — said the chief engineer Yuri Safonov.

The last upgrade of the two arches can be called a coronation the Crimean bridge. These items will be the most noticeable. Bright white – they will be clearly visible from the water, earth and air. Meanwhile, on both sides of the Kerch Strait and around the clock almost non-stop construction work.

Already half-ready road access to the future bridge from the Crimea. The main task of designers is to avoid the cluster of cars before the bridge and after the Congress. To such a bottleneck was not, did the road the most spacious.

The first two kilometers of autopackage builders have already paved. It is for a wide two-lane road cars will drive from the Peninsula to the Crimean bridge. It’s a little more than eight kilometers. The movement is supposed to open by the end of next year.

Then the first machine with a breeze will pass through road arch. The speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Overall the detail so similar to a bow with a tense string, ready to take its place.

Boris Maksudov, «TV Center», Kerch.

The builders of the Crimean bridge started to rise road arches on the supports 13.10.2017

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