The boycott of the Olympic games-2018, «the Citizen of Russia» and «the athlete from Russia»

Gentlemen athletes! Your feelings and your confusion is understandable. But do not need your dissatisfaction with the decision of the IOC Executive Board to pour out on those Russian citizens who advocate that you have expressed this dissatisfaction by your refusal to participate in the Olympics.

No need to constantly refer to the «athletic feats» — not only in Russia, you do heroic deeds, but the impression that you more often than others, of representatives not less, and often more heroic professions, love to recall those deeds. By the way, is much more modest than your Soviet predecessors. Yes, and not every participant in the Olympics or world Cup from Russia today makes such feats. Not everyone!

The second argument many of you, but particularly those who lobby for your fundamental right to participate in the Olympics «under any flag and sauce», where openly: «you can’t deprive an athlete of his dreams»! Not an athlete (normal, from the point of view of athletes, man?) — can deprive him of his dreams? «Simple», «ordinary» people are also waiting from country to country, from state officials protection «of their dreams.» But are their expectations justified? However, these people, incidentally, are citizens of Russia, as you do not require to them this «dream» no matter what secured and guaranteed. Maybe they’re worse than you? No, they’re just modest. Although in his case, his profession is no less talented than most of you.

Of course, the high-performance sport is much more competitive than many other areas of human activity. But not all. Art in all its manifestations, is also competitive. And science. And politics. And journalism. And much more, including the notorious business, which (in his sport) you are now hard and for life included.

And not only your professional life is short. In ballet, for example, it is even shorter…

The athlete, like any party to any other competitions and not just sports, needs to be ambitious and ambitious. There’s nothing to argue. But such people often have to make choices, including the choice between professional interest and citizenship.

This choice is now before you. Well, don’t lay the responsibility for it on others, especially on those who stand for that sport between personal interest and the interest of civil you chose the latter.

By the way, what about team solidarity? If some members of the team, in your opinion, unjustly deprived of the right to participate in the Olympics, then maybe this is the reason for «approved under a neutral flag» to show solidarity? Or, and this talk about solidarity, too, just before the first «conflict of interest»?

How many times in the past hours was that «the audience and without any shape, flag and anthem will know from which country the winner» and that the phrase «the athlete from Russia» is still there indicating the country. Litsemerte, do not play with words, do not try this game to absolve themselves of responsibility.

Between the formula «the member of Russian national team» and «athlete (athlete) from Russia» exactly the same difference as between «Russian citizen» and «citizen of Russia». Do not pretend that you do not understand this difference. And why would you say that you usually are presented: «citizen of Russia».

President Putin, saying that Russia will not boycott the Olympic games in Pyeongchang and interfere with our athletes to participate once again to help you. Than it is in this case guided, does not matter. But it is clear that there is a strong temptation to use this as an indulgence. However, the personal moral choices still have to do each of the athletes. Including those who like to say that at the Olympics and other international competitions it is not only to seek personal victories, but also «protects the honor of the country». We repeatedly hear this phrase, incidentally, is very similar to an oath on the oath.

Many athletes that became Olympic Champions and world Champions had to defend and were able to defend «the honor of the country», that is, the honor of Russia not to collide with what our athletes are experiencing now. But in the current force-majeure in order to «protect the honor of the country», you need to make the most moral choice. It is the athletes, not the fans, not the audience, not «simple» and not so heroic as the athletes, people.

Well, do it, athletes!

By the way, President Putin himself would not have agreed to go to another country, if he had been told that there will be not to be called «President» and «President of Russia».

But this is a diplomatic Protocol, immediately objected to me by many, including athletes. And isn’t there Olympic Protocol are not less stringent — with a clear naming of national teams of various countries, with a special shape, national flag, national anthem for each national team, with a clear regulation of the order in which the teams are from different countries, who and in what sequence speaks during the opening and closing of the Olympics, harshly painted by the awarding of the winners, etc. So that there should not be a hypocrite.

Yes, one for you athletes is simple: «the athlete from Russia» or «Russian citizen»? But it will have to do. And it will be your choice.

But to evaluate it will not only you but also others. As is always the case. And it concerns not only «ordinary people», but not ordinary athletes.

But self-justification is also a natural human instinct that «simple», «complex». And all rights to it and nobody can deny can’t…

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The boycott of the Olympic games-2018, «the Citizen of Russia» and «the athlete from Russia» 07.12.2017

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